Sen Richard Burr - Friend to big tobacco, Foe to anti-smoking organizations

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As Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy promises to make regulation of tobacco a priority in his committee, NC's junior Senator, Burr from Winston Salem, promises to fight that regulation and to "make it a long and painful process."

The Charlotte Observer has it.

It's clear that Burr will do his best to protect the tobacco industry, which donated over $164,000 to the campaign during his 2004 bid for the Senate.

Tobacco is big business in North Carolina even now and unfortunately, they're still able to buy a politician or two. Senator Burr may be trying to protect members of constituency (big tobacco), but he's got to remember that smoking kills nearly half a million Americans a year (of which, over 11,000 are North Carolinians). Tobacco costs North Carolina over $2.4 billion (with a B) in health care costs and state funded Medicare/Medicaid costs over $760 million annually.

What's more important, Senator Burr, 11,000 North Carolinians and billions of dollars or less than $200,000 given by big tobacco to your campaign?


Money in his pocket, Thomas

He won't walk away from all that money. I guess all those textile workers who lost their jobs didn't contribute enough to Burr's campaign to get him to look out for them.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.