The Senate Debate: and they are off!

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos puts the first question to Hagan and regarding foreign policy and use of force.
followup question from moderator -- is there anything Obama has not done he should do?

Hagan starts out firm with good answer.



2nd question on education

re Common Core standards--Kay is starting her responses by saying Tillis is not answering the questions, but not directing this to the Speaker, but to the Moderator.

Tillis' rebuttal to Hagan's remark about the "7%" raise? He claims it's correct and that the senator needs to spend more time in NC, so she would know what is happening in education in the state.

Martha Brock

3rd Question in the debate: Healthcare

Sen. Hagan rattling off all the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, and she is noting Tillis wants to repeal the law. Good job, Senator!

Tillis trying yet again to tie Hagan to the President and to "obamacare." "Sen. Hagan has broken a promise 24 times about the ACA", Tillis.

Tillis just cited senior citizens losing coverage and appears to attribute that also to ACA. I think the problem stems from Medicare reduced funds, and not anything at all to do with ACA.

Hagan: rebuttal: "Rejecting Medicaid has resulted in 500,000 who could have gotten insurance...In NC we have already had one hospital close because of no Medicaid expansion."

Tillis: ends his rebuttal to saying again that Hagan promised that people would not lose their private insurance if they wanted to keep it. Score a point for Tillis here, but Hagan did what she had to do: make the best case in a bad situation.

Martha Brock

Senate debate: Now discussing Supreme Court decision

Tillis' "she has confirmed liberal activist judges who support Obama--she should come back home and listen" to voters here.

Hagan: I come home every weekend. I am the most moderate Senator.

Martha Brock

Right...come home more often

but don't miss any meetings....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Senate debate: Immigration question

Hagan says she has listened to agriculture leaders in NC and supports a reform bill. Now talking about immigrant kids coming up from Central America, Some of those will get asylum and others will be sent back according to Hagan

Tillis: there has been a bi-partisan failure to seal the borders first.

Hagan: the bill she supports is not about amnesty and supports the Bi-partisan, common-sense bill or explain why no

Tillis: "we need to make very clear blanket amnesty is not on the table.

Martha Brock

Thank you, Martha

I'm not able to watch...glad I'm getting this from your point of view!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I second that thank you

I am also unable to watch, but I don't have a good excuse. I'm allergic to Tillis. Don't know what hives are, but my reaction to his voice must be similar.

Sorry you and Betsy missed it, but WRAL is streaming

It will be available online. Also, for those in Central NC and Triangle area, it will be rebroadcast on Fox 50 WRAZ at 10 pm I think. Check there anyway. WNCN also carried the debate. tweeted the debate. Waiting to hear what Tillis said at post-debate presser. WRAL says Hagan's remarks were brief, but she accused Tillis of playing political games with troops. Big error on Tillis' for not even getting name of Hagan's comittee assignment correct.

WRAL Gov't Coverage @NCCapitol · 20 minutes ago
Hagan: "It is not how you grow up. It is how you treat people." Says she's worked on Lejeune H20 (Ensminger Law) "helping people." #ncsen
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WRAL Gov't Coverage @NCCapitol · 22 minutes ago
Tillis closing: talks about mowing lawns, being paper boy, cook. Says he's "living example" of American dream. #ncsen #wral

Martha Brock

Senate debate: Ebola epidemic

Tillis: wants restrictions on international travel--says African nations are doing that, and we need to send help to West Africa

Hagan: "We need to work with a coalition of partners and we must contain the virus and kill it." She says she has talked to health care officials in NC

Tillis: To protect the health of US citizens we are at risk without travel restrictions.

Hagan: We cannot use scare tactics and I think what we hear from Speaker Tillis is scare tactics.

(Bingo, Sen. Hagan!)

Martha Brock

Senate Debate: Job creation

Tillis: Hagan's vote on Obabmacare killed jobs. Government kils jobs. We need to stop putting burdens on small business. Overreach is destroying opportunities.

Hagan: Citing loss to economy of rejecting Medicaid expansion. Hagan says education is what leads to job creation.

Tillis: Citing "temporary" sales tax increase under Democrats that became long-term. We cut the sales tax.

Martha Brock

Name an issue you disagree with party leaders on--question

to both debaters.

Sequestration: Hagan supporter, he would not, according to Tillis.

Hagan talked about Keystone pipeline (sorry missed part of this)

moving into next part of the debate where the candidates ask each other questions. Tillis going first.

He asked Hagan about her record of voting with the President. She is now realing off quickly several responses. She is talking about the problems relating to college loans and other supports for college age students.

Tillis' reply: REPETITIOUS; "WE (GOP) made decisions that make us better than those in most other states." Again alleges that Hagan's votes with Obama do not work for NC.

Hagan to Tillis: Why do you not support Equal Pay for Equal Work?

Tillis: "let's enforce the laws that are on the books. Women and minorities are disproportionately unemployed in NC.

Hagan's retort: I did not raise my two daughters to feel they are not worth but 82 cents of the dollar... I voted in favor of the Lily Ledbetter Act.

Tillis: now talking about his grandmother. I want my daughter to get the same pay, but we don't need more regulations like "Obamacare" that burdens business.

Martha Brock

Is anyone else tweeting or blogging this live?

I have to end here, so if you are or know someone who is, please reply to my post. Thanks.

They are just starting to debate terrorism and the Middle East situation.

Martha Brock

Thank you Martha.

Thank you Martha. I didn't watch the debate either and it's good to have your perspective. Much appreciated.

Just got the closing statements on NPR

Just got the closing statements on NPR. I hope to watch the debate in full later. Thanks for summarizing what happened earlier.

Re: Tillis: 'He is an ass.'

Peggy Ann Hollomann (from Democratic Women of NC on Facebook)

Watched the debate between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis. He is an ass. Not just any ass, but a dumb ass. Not just any dumb ass, but an unfeeling dumb ass. Not just any unfeeling dumb ass, but an uncaring, unfeeling dumb ass. Not just any, uncaring, unfeeling dumb ass, but a lying, uncaring, unfeeling dumb ass.

Martha Brock