Senate Republicans Kill Veterans’ Jobs Bill

Rachel Maddow just called out four GOP Senators including NC's own Richard Burr. Seems he voted against the veterans' jobs bill today in the US Senate. Burr previously worked with the bill's sponsors to get his ideas included in the bill. Then he voted against the bill.

From Think Progess online:

Senate Republicans prevented a veterans’ jobs bill from coming to a vote today by forcing a budget point of order vote. Democrats came up 2 votes short of the 60 needed to defeat the GOP’s budget measure.


Burr doesn't care about veterans

He's carved himself out a niche as a "supporter" of veterans, but it doesn't hold up under even the most casual scrutiny. The same goes for most of the GOP.

Those who serve get only lip service in return.

we need the Revenue--- badly

Washington, DC – In advance of a rare joint House-Senate hearing on tax reform and capital gains, a new report finds that the special low tax rates for capital gains and stock dividends will continue to provide huge benefits mainly to the richest one percent of Americans, no matter how Congress resolves the standoff over the expiring Bush-era tax cuts.

The report, from Citizens for Tax Justice, finds that the richest one percent of Americans would enjoy an average break of $41,010 on capital gains and dividends next year under the bill passed last August by the Republican-controlled House to extend all the Bush tax cuts. They would enjoy a slightly lower average tax break of $40,990 under the bill passed by Senate Democrats last July to extend most, but not all, of the Bush tax cuts. Americans in the middle fifth of the income distribution would enjoy an average capital gains and dividend tax break of just $30 next year under either approach. The report is available at this link.

Capital gains, which are the profits obtained from selling assets for more than their purchase price, were already taxed at lower rates than other income when President George W. Bush took office. The Bush tax cuts lowered the capital gains rate further and expanded the break to apply to stock dividends.

“The bad news is that none of the approaches to extending the Bush tax cuts would change the fact that these lower tax rates for investment income are a huge break benefiting the very wealthiest Americans,” said Steve Wamhoff, Legislative Director at Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ). “The good news is that both parties are talking about extending those tax cuts for only one year and then devising a comprehensive tax reform that makes dramatic changes. The question now is how Congress will define ‘reform.’”

The CTJ report, Ending the Capital Gains Tax Preference Would Improve Fairness, Raise Revenue and Simplify the Tax Code, released today makes five points.

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clarence swinney

rip off

Why have workers paid a 28% tax rate and investors+ gamblers pay a 15% Tax Rate.
30 million make minimum wage. 4 million make less. 30 million  makes $7.25 per hour And pay full payroll tax. An income of 10 Million pays 1% and above that it is less and less and less. Some millionaire incomes pay none.
Is our labor not worth a Fair share in our prosperity?
We MUST tax Wealth to get rid of our debt. Only Way.
50% Top on income and Estates.
A must.

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clarence swinney

How to vote

WWII Draft---R opposed
S&L—R destroyed
Fairness Doctrine-R destroyed
Revenue Sharing-R destroyed
Increase Spending-80%-Reagan did
Increase Spending 92%--Bush II did
Increase Debt 189%--Reagan did
Increase Debt 112%--Bush II did
Invade a small island nation-Reagan did
Invade an innocent poor unarmed nation-Bush II did
Invade one of poorest unarmed nations—Bush II did
President and 11 staffers told 935 Lies to lead us into war-Bush II did
Created 31,000 jobs per month—Bush II did
Since WWII --D created twice as many jobs as R
Select an anti Christ Mormon as candidate for president—R did

Want Success? then vote Democrats into office
Want Peace? Then vote Democrats into office
want jobs? Then vote Democrats into office

clarence swinney