In The Shadow of Lincoln

Lincoln Statue

In the middle of a multitude of activities, The Southern Dem found time to research and write an excellent series of articles about a usurper of democracy, one Theodore Lane Sampley of Kinston. Sampley, a political provocatuer, is the originator and maintainer of an eyesore in the nation's capital, an unkempt shack which sits in plain view of the Lincoln Memorial, mocking Lincoln and the nation's political heritage. The culmination of this writing was a three part article, links to which I have re-posted to recognize the excellent research and narrative which may have been missed by some readers the first time around in the whirlwind of daily posts.

PART 1 : Who is Ted Sampley and Why do I Care?

PART 2 : A Darker Shade of Ted

PART 3 : Disreputable, Despicable, Dishonorable

Disclaimer - To my knowledge, no person mentioned in this article or the three referenced articles, has committed a crime, pleaded guilty to or been convicted of any crime associated with events listed here.

Click to see larger image of Last FirebaseThe Southern Dem exercised a great deal of discretion in writing these articles. One picture not originally shown was this view of the Last Firebase which is the side that faces the Lincoln Memorial and is the view seen walking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial towards the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Click on the thumnail for a larger image of this "tribute" to our fallen heroes.



I didn't want to use all your wonderful pictures. I love the memorials in DC and I think it's a shame that the beauty of the area is marred by these huts. I was hoping you would do a story with all the pictures so folks can see how terrible these are. Almost all information I can find on them indicates they are simply for-profit businesses masquerading as non-profit veteran's groups. I hope you will get a chance to post all of the pictures you took in DC of these huts.

Thanks for the plug. I just heard from a friend in Kinston. It seems Ted is losing some of his influence and even his cronies aren't jumping through all the hoops he puts out.

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If the city officials stay in bed with Tedley after all this, they deserve whatever stabs in the back they get down the road. Just saying.

I don't think they're intentionally staying in bed with him

They did what they legally had to do. They were simply short-sighted in the first place when entering into an agreement with a man who wasn't known to be trustworthy. I think they look at all this information and figure Ted's going to get his due at some point and they are trusting the system. Problem is.....they could be helping the system along a little bit.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Been There

Thanks Greg for a great followup to The Southern Dem. story.
I have visited D.C. and agree with you about these unslightly huts. I have every respect for our veterans and mourn the POW and MIA's, however this just seems to be an outlet for a couple of people to have a good cash flow.

The Gospel According to Sampley

Thanks for keeping us posted on the “doings” of Sampley. We do not get too much “real” news down here in Kinston. Things have quieted down here in Kinston since the run-off between LaRoque and Willie Ray. Sampley is now turning his focus towards the Democratic candidate, Van Braxton. Sampley has launched a religious campaign to smear the candidacy of Braxton. That’s right folks, Sampley is “talking” religion. You need to check it out on the ENC message board………….the Gospel according to Sampley. Sampley’s Gospel was left out of the New Testament due to his failure to pay his back taxes and as a result of a left wing conspiracy by the Politburo, John Kerry and Rep. Foley. Sampley’s Gospel is somewhat different that those principles found in the Bible and his Gospel is difficult to follow. His Gospel teaches that the original Ark was actually a swift boat and that John Kerry is an offspring of Cain; Cain being the great grandfather of John McCain. He also teaches that J. C. Penny is the divine offspring and that Art Pope will buy the New York Yankees and move them to Franklin County. Anyway, thanks for the info. I will let you know when Sampley opens his latest 501c3 organization, rumored to be an official Church of Sampley Circumcision Center and Trinket Shop.

Red Hawk, write a diary

You have a great sense of humor and your point of view is pretty point-on here. I know I'd recommend!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.