A shiny new front door for Art Pope's multimillion dollar opinion manufacturing machine

It seems as though the Puppetmaster has gotten tired of having his Google searches turn up less-than-flattering reports about his influence in North Carolina culture. To remedy the problem, Mr. Pope has done what Mr. Pope always does: spend more of his daddy's money. Witness his new website, featuring pictures of oh-so-happy black people, just like the thousands of poor folk who made his family rich by shopping in his crappy Dollar Stores.


I Open the Shiny Front Door....

And I find Ol' Roy Williams speaking nonsense in one propaganda video about Pope's "commitment" to higher education through the UNC System....

Roy Williams

I wonder how much ol' Roy got paid to carry water for the Puppymaster. No big surprise, though. After having his overtures rejected again and again by academic departments all across the UNC system, Pope finally bought his way in through athletics.