Shots fired in opposition to GOP's War on Women

And the stakes couldn't be higher:

“In their fervor to impose their ideological views on the people of the state of North Carolina, they weakened the safety net for women and children in our state at the very time when we should be working to strengthen it,” Rep. Jennifer Weiss of Cary said of the legislature.


The only way to stop the clock from rolling backwards is to remove these idiots from office, or at least put them back in the minority where their crazy 19th Century ideas won't do any harm.

Although the refrain “war on women” has been ridiculed as hyperbole, Ross said she wasn’t kidding.

Ross said budget cuts that potentially result in laying off large numbers of teachers, that fail to adequately fund domestic-violence prevention programs and that cut Medicaid are choices that hurt women the most.

“To try to sweep it under the rug and say these are just necessary cuts and not make it clear that these cuts disproportionately impact woman and children is simply to lie about what you’ve done,” Ross said.

Well, the Republicans have demonstrated time and again that they have no problem with telling lies. The (more) important question is: Will the voters let them get away with such lies?