Shuler To Run For Senate After All?

Ashvegas has the scoopiness:

News was made on Local Edge Radio 880 AM on Friday. I was sitting in with the show hosts, Blake and Lesley, when they had David Young, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, call in to chat. The hot topic was whether U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler would run decide to take on U.S. Sen. Richard Burr in next year’s election.

Young confirmed what’s been flying around for about a week: that Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee officials have been going after Shuler hard. And Young went a step further, saying “my gut tells me” that Shuler will run.


I really wish the DSCC

would STFU. We can choose our own candidates DAMMIT.

Now is the time for some to step up then...

Anyone having 2008 flashbacks? Either someone announces in the next month or so or that's it. So start lobbying your candidates now...

This would be good

for my pocketbook.

Given his record so far, I'm not sure I could even vote for Shuler, let alone contribute to his campaign. Not that'd I'd vote for Burr either.

What's this fascination with football jocks?

If the DSCC pulls this off, expect me invite progressive Democrats in North Carolina to join the ranks of unaffiliated independent voters.

Said it on Facebook

I'm not quite sure why the DSCC thinks that a guy who voted against the stimulus will be a popular choice with a Democratic Primary electorate that overwhelmingly voted for Obama a year ago, but hey good for them for trying.

"Keep the Faith"

Richard Moore

I made this banner a long, long time ago. It was the right call then and it's the right call now.

I really hope he'll do it. His financial acumen and management insights are sorely lacking in the US Senate.

I know how hard it is to get back on the horse, and the horse of the Democratic gubernatorial primary was an especially wild one. Bridges should be rebuilt. Governor Perdue might have to reach out, and he may not want to shake hands.

But I hope she does. And I hope he does.


I like Heath and Richard. However, I think 2010 is too soon after a very divisive gubernatorial primary for Richard to jump back in statewide. As for Heath, he's very good on the environment, but he's not with the overwhelming Democratic majority on choice. We can have, and ought to insist upon, a statewide Senatorial nominee who reflects majority Democratic values on the key issues for that office. In this case, the Senate votes on confirming judicial nominees. I'm not willing to take a chance on losing a vote there for Obama's picks.

I had hoped that Roy Cooper will run. Now that he's taken himself out, I'm inclined toward a fresh face. Of the potential field, Cal Cunningham is a very appealing candidate.

Dan Besse

Cunningham would be great too

I'm not sure why 2010 is too early for Moore, though. I suppose if he thinks it is, it is. But I don't imagine most voters would say that.

If he wants to continue his career in public service, I'd say more power to him. Though I do get your point. Plus I don't see any evidence that he's eager to re-enter the fishbowl.

It doesn't take much to get me

excited about even a generic democrat vs Burr, but Heath is one of the few that just isn't all that motivating. Not to say anything bad about the guy, its just that I don't see myself attending any Heath for Senate rallies any time soon.

Of the names that broke 10% on the BlueNC poll, I could easily vote for any of them or Moore over Burr.

Cal Cunningham
33% (13 votes)
Grier Martin
26% (10 votes)
Jim Neal
13% (5 votes)

I can't wait for more people to meet Cal

For us early adopters, it's kind of like being the first of your friends to see a great movie!

Cal Cunningham

We have found a great alternative to Sen. Richard Burr. His name is Cal Cunningham. Please check out Cal Cunningham for US Senate, 2010! on Facebook. North Carolina needs this thoughtful, intelligent veteran to lead our state into the future.


Run Cal, Run!!!

Run Cal, Run!!!


Just say no because Heath is not even a moderate Democrat. He seems to be a good guy, yet that has nothing to do with being in the US Senate representing North Carolina.

Heath, if you read here you must know that you have no backing with the progressives, therefore we will not campaign for you, send you money or vote for you in any large numbers. Yes, we are a small percentage of voters, but we are a huge percentage of doners, doers and shakers.

Represent your district. You are suited. As far as you being suited to this wonderful State of North Carolina? You are 20 years behind the times.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Shuler and Cunningham are

Shuler and Cunningham are awfully inexperienced to jump all the way up to the US Senate. I'd prefer someone more seasoned like Moore or Elaine Marshall. Cunningham was impressive when he spoke at our county convention. Maybe we will have a robust and exciting primary.

I'm a moderate Democrat.