Had a long discussion

with my son about this at our weekly lunch/debate session, and I tried to explain how the bulk of Congress (regardless of party) are beholden to their corporate masters, and will not allow government to be shut down for more than a few days at best. A whole lot of rich people will lose a whole lot of money if the stock market tanks and/or if the US government can no longer borrow money. They're not going to let that happen.

We'll see some sort of compromise that nobody will be happy/satisfied with, like stripping out the medical device tax, or maybe taking something out that would only help people, like subsidies to help pay for health insurance. But a compromise will be found.

Grist for the fundraising mills:

From the DLCC (aren't they supporters of state Legislatures?):

Steve, Republicans need to understand that if their economic shutdown strategy wrecks our economy tonight, it’ll wreck the GOP in the process.

Only you can send that message by donating before tonight's deadline. It’s the only thing that will stop the GOP’s shutdown, and there’s only a few hours left.

From Dailykos(?):

Steve, this is an urgent action. The Senate just passed a bill to keep the government funded, but the federal government will still shut down unless the House passes a clean continuing resolution—a move John Boehner says he won't let happen—before midnight tonight.

Can you email your representative right now and tell him or her to support a clean bill funding the government to stop a government shutdown?

P.S. Please help keep Daily Kos strong by chipping in $3.

From Dick Durbin (Don't ask, I have no idea):

We're upping our goal to $50,000 because we need to pull out all the stops to defeat the tea party radicals and corporate interests that are coming after Dick Durbin this election.

Click here to rush a $5 contribution to Senator Dick Durbin's reelection campaign before tonight's midnight deadline -- and help us reach our new $50,000 goal.

From the DSCC (yes, I screwed up a couple of years ago and gave to them, and I've received eleventy thousand e-mails since):

Steve -- Minutes ago, Senate Democrats voted to kill outright John Boehner’s "compromise” that would delay Obamacare for an entire year.

Democrats just united to send John Boehner’s broken GOP a clear message: A repeal of Obamacare is NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

Will you unite with Democrats? Our emergency, last minute push could pressure the GOP into backing down from their outrageous plan before midnight. With just 3,000 more urgent contributions -- including yours -- we’ll hit a record 10,000 contributions for our Stop the Shutdown Project, sending an incredibly strong message to Boehner.

From Kay Hagan (I've given multiple times, so I deserve to be hounded):

Steve -- We're coming down to the wire -- there's just under 8 hours left to reach our $90,000 goal before the FEC deadline.

The special interests certainly spared no expense in North Carolina this month. And we can't spare any expense in building the grassroots network we need to fight back.

The clock is ticking.

Actually, my clock doesn't tick. It's digital, so it just sort of hums. I prefer the hum, because it's less ominous than the tick. And it keeps my mind off the fact that I really can't afford to give right now. Except for maybe the three dollars to Dailykos. I could probably squeeze that out, but then I'd be forced to drink a regular coffee instead of an espresso. Ahhhh...I'll get back to you.