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Join the ranks of those who oppose this poisonous blight:

According to data on toxic and hazardous air pollutants listed in Titan Cement’s current air permit application, Titan will be one of the largest sources of air pollution in our region. In New Hanover County, we estimate that Titan will be the largest source of benzene and polycyclic organic matter—pollutants associated with causing cancer in humans – and the second-largest source of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, lead, arsenic, ammonia, beryllium and selenium.

And it will also be a huge emitter of atmospheric mercury, effectively raising the entire state's mercury emissions by a whopping 10%:

Titan will also be the third-largest source of mercury in our area. New Hanover County already has some of the highest mercury emissions in the state. Our area is very susceptible to the conversion of airborne mercury from smokestacks like Titan into the highly toxic form of methlymercury that accumulates in fish and other wildlife. Numerous studies have documented the toxic effects of mercury. Developing fetuses are at particular risk.

While there are no good places to choose for increased mercury emissions, there are definitely some bad places to choose, and this one is at the top of the list. Our seafood industry is already struggling, and if we raise the levels of methyl mercury in the area even more, we can kiss that industry goodbye. Seafood dealers alone generate a quarter of a billion in economic impact, without even looking at recreational fishing and all the businesses that benefit from it.

The issue is really not that complex. It's a bad idea, and never should have gotten off the drawing board.



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