Snowmageddon open thread



Prologue to a novel in progress

It's pretty dark, so read at your own risk. And before you ask, I have no idea where this story came from, I'm just glad my muse has returned:

***working title*** Abide With Me

December 24, 1967 Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam

Not one moment of silence. Mid-day in Da Nang sounded much like what the Soldier imagined the end of the world would sound like. Thousands of voices speaking in an unintelligible language, car horns blaring a variety of tones, construction and destruction equipment announcing their power, and the occasional dog barking in salute to the bedlam. But the Soldier wasn’t annoyed by this barrage of sound. He thrived on it. It made him feel small, insignificant, anonymous. And it sometimes crowded out the voices in his head, voices that told him to do terrible things.

The Soldier couldn’t remember exactly when the voices started, but it was sometime after his father passed away. His real father, not his step-father. His real father had been a kind man, a patient man, who never lost his temper, even when the Boy who would become the Soldier broke expensive things or cried when he was scared or hurt. But God did not approve of such permissive behavior, and had different plans for the Boy. So he took the Boy’s father away from him, and gave him another. One who would make sure the Boy grew up to be a servant of God, and not Satan.

The Soldier was shaken from his reverie by a familiar feeling, one he both dreaded and anticipated. The cacophony of sound around him slowly faded, except for one voice. He hadn’t noticed the prostitute standing twenty feet in front of him, calling out to cars and Army jeeps that passed by. But now he heard her clearly, alternating from Vietnamese to broken English and back, in her efforts to draw the right attention to herself. And then the other voices came, which sealed her fate: Whore of Babylon, straddling multitudes of the faithful. She must die.

As she was standing in the alley, holding her hand out for payment, The Soldier had a moment of doubt. She couldn’t be older than fifteen. The Soldier himself was just nineteen, but he felt centuries older than this child smiling at him. She must die, or the seals will be broken. “Will you abide with me?” The Soldier put on his gloves before reaching into his pocket. He learned that harsh lesson years ago. As he showed the young prostitute the shiny piano wire, he said, “This is the key that cannot be played, the highest key.”

She was young, but she knew much more than most girls her age. She knew what a garrote was, and what it could do. And she was a fast runner, had never been caught before. But not fast enough. The wire was so thin she couldn’t even feel it as it parted skin, muscle, trachea, carotid arteries and veins, and just a twinge of electricity as the wire embedded itself in a vertebra. But her feet kept running, the whole time the Soldier held her in the air, even after all other movement had ceased. The Soldier had never seen that before, and as he laid her down gently in the alley, he wished she had gotten away. But they never get away.


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Seems like we're in a war zone.

Sleet mixed with snow

sixteen thirty seven hours, the Day Before Tomorrow. Or is it the Day After Yesterday? Whichever is more ominous...

Umm ... that was 6 - 9 inches?

Not in North Rawly, it wasn't. We don't have ½". Snowmageddon, fail.

Let's have a Sharknado next time!

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You got lucky, I guess

I'm looking at close to 8" here in Gibsonville. And I'm not sure if it's done yet...

Chapel Hill

Seems like about 3" here. Still falling (11 am).