Some things we CAN do for Larry Kissell

I was just reading this blog over at DailyKos about how the Republicans handled CA-50, and it occurred to me that there are a few things WE could learn from this and do for Kissell.

I know there is a push here in Orange County to develop sister precincts and do something besides raise money (two days until Kissell/Anglico houseparty). Perhaps one thing we could do is man the polling stations and come up with names of people who haven't yet voted, then the locals can do the face-to-faces or phone calls.

At the polling stations, the SD Repub Party had a poll monitor who would periodically consult the precinct voter list and call any Repubs in the neighborhood who hadn't voted and encourage them to get out and vote...we Dems had nothing similar.

Rather than tie up the locals with the paperwork (I know SD would be wonderful at this based on her FEC digging), we could do that stuff and they could be knocking on fellow Dems doors saying "Agnes, why haven't you voted yet!"

If anyone thinks this is a good idea, please pass it along to the Kissell campaign and have them contact other counties for help (Orange County for one).

Also, another idea that we haven't taken advantage of is absentee ballots. Anyone know the ins and outs of this? Can locals knock on doors and say "Here you go. Why not vote now and get it out of the way?"

Third idea. As far as poll watching goes, the diary makes the point that early voting in Texas suffers from Democratic votes being cast out because poll watching is less strict. What machines are most likely to cause trouble? Are there places where we need to be more vigilant on election day? Places where we need to be less? Here is a link to the types of machines for each county.


Great Post Robert

and great ideas as well. Phone lists usually have to be purchase - or the data has to be purchased to match phone numbers with your voter data base. The campaign will surely buy a call list, if they don't already have one.

The campaign has to be careful handing out absentee applications. In Mecklenburg Co all you hand out is the application for an absentee ballot and then the County board of elections mails you the ballot. I don't know if that is the process state-wide or not. We always carried them with us on neighborhood walks or visits to nursing homes in the campaigns I've worked in before. Another great idea is for them to have a supply of those applications for each county.

Poll watching is critical. I think the things we are watching for have changed though. This would be a great idea for some training. Poll watching 101

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Phone Banking for Kissell

Are any Triangle-area organizations planning to run phone banking for Kissell? I'd like to help out with the campaign, but as a UNC grad student, I can't contribute much money, nor can I spend much time far from Chapel Hill. But I would be happy to help organize regular phone banking in Chapel Hill - for instance GOTV calls or undecided voter persuasion. Is anyone planning this already?


I don't know if there are any plans in the triangle area. If you want to check back or contact me later (click on The Southern Dem for contact info) I'll try to find out if there is anything planned or already organized.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I am sure there will be some

I am sure there will be some work to be done in the Triangle for Kissell. Any work don in Orange County must be done with the recognition that "Chapel Hill" might be a bad word to people of the 8th district.


hissssssssssssss Matt!!!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You may hiss, but Matt is

You may hiss, but Matt is absolutely right. Being from Raleigh is not always a virtue, either. This is a point worth remembering.

Yeah...and all you people just luuuuv

those of us in Charlotte, right? :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Chapel Hill, a Love Poem in Three Lines

Subaru, Birkenstock, Public Radio
Dean for President sticker Looks Fresh in Summer of 2006
Whole Foods is too Mainstream


I think Chapel Hill is strongly Progressive, but not the hippee haven that people make it out to be. Sure, there is a strong progressive bent, but Carrboro is more of the patchouli and hoola-hoop crowd. (For the point of openness, we are getting my kids hoola-hoops the next time the woman who sells them is there.)

p.s. Since when does Public Radio make you an outsider?
p.p.s. The majority of bumper stickers are Kerry/Edwards, which seem to be worn almost as a badge of defiance.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm in the 8th district and

I'm in the 8th district and I love Chapel Hill. I haven't had a congressman in several years. I need one. We all need one. We need to do everything we can to help Larry.

We could use your help

The Orange County Democratic Party has formed a Take Back the House committee, and we're working with the North Carolina Democratic Party's central region coordinator to assist the Kissell campaign and the county parties in his district. So we're not trying to be interlopers, just to loan some help to the state party and the campaign.

We'll assist with whatever the locals ask for. So far, we've discussed precinct organizing, phone banking, database cleanup, get out the vote strategies, and fundraising.

We could use help from anyone who's interested. Email me at jagmeyer(at)earthlink(dot)net for more information. Or, if you're going to be at the Kissell fundraiser tomorrow night, we'll be holding an organizing meeting immediately following the close of the fundraiser. Look for more information at the sign in table.

Not that "Chapel Hill" is a

Not that "Chapel Hill" is a bad word, but it is important for us to remember to not go into the 8th district saying "Here comes OCDP to save the day." I think the plan that is being worked out (working through the state party's regional coordinator is great. But I think it is better that we say we are working for the state party instead of saying.... "Here are the Chapel Hill volunteers...." I can see the Republican spin machine running with that....

All you have to say is a friend from the

district invited you to help with the campaign. Hi, I'm Betsy and I'm your new friend. Will you please come help a great candidate in the 8th District with his election?

There, we're friends and you're invited. Of course, I'm in the 12th District...but who's checking the distance to the border?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.