Special delivery to Liddy on Friday - join us!

Pam and BlueNC members are delivering petitions requesting that Elizabeth Dole tell the NCGOP's Linda Daves to stop running the race-baiting anti-Obama ad.

Date: Friday, May 2

Time: 10:30 AM

Location: Dole's Raleigh Office: 310 New Bern Avenue,
Suite 122, Raleigh, NC 27601

See the The Blend and BlueNC for more.

We're meeting up at a Krispy Kreme less than a half mile from Dole's office at 10AM.


Great work

Pam: We're here with a petition that asks you to get Linda Daves to ...

Dole: Linda who?

Pam: Linda Daves, the chair of the NC GOP?

Dole: Never heard of her. What's the problem?

Pam: She's running ads that are playing racial politics.

Dole: What's wrong with that? All politics are racial.

Staffer: (whispers) Senator, that's all politics are local.

Dole: I'm sorry. I meant to say all politics are loco.

Staffer: (rolls eyes)

Pam: I can see we're wasting our time here.

Dole: Of course you are, darlin. Unless your a rich white Republican from Kansas, I could care less what you think.