Stand up for our men and women in blue tonight in Raleigh.

If you live or work in the Triangle area, Progress North Carolina is urging you to show up at the Raleigh City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 7 to speak out against an attempt by the Raleigh Police Chief and an outside consultant to implement a new performance evaluation system that imposes quotas on police officers. People rallying against the plan will be gathering in front of the Municipal Building at 222 W. Hargett St. in Raleigh on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM. They will enter the meeting as a group at 7:00. Once in the meeting, you can sign on to speak or simply show your support through your presence. Learn why we are taking this stance after the jump.

Why we are taking this stance

  • The whole process imposes extremely costly and time-consuming administrative burdens on the department and its budget without accomplishing its goal: employees of the Raleigh Police Department report that the new evaluation process borders on the incomprehensible. The time to stop a process this bad is now, before more money and time is put into it.
  • This new system imposes a quota for traffic stops and arrests -- both areas where racial profiling is most prevalent -- but it does not impose a quota for issuing citations, which is often what white citizens receive when they are stopped by a police officer. This concerns us.We must have equal justice for everyone and we must not adopt a system that will encourage, rather than discourage, racial profiling.
  • While the quota system may increase the number of arrests made by police officers, it will inevitably decrease the quality of these arrests dramatically, especially as the deadline for making quota approaches. This has implications for our justice system on many levels: taxpayers will be paying for police officers to sit around in court all day testifying in low level or weak cases, meaning they are not patrolling the streets where they belong. Investigators will be distracted from tracking down more dangerous offenders. And our courts, jails and prisons will be crowded with low level offenders at a time when budgets are strained to the breaking point.
  • 500 out of Raleigh's 700 police officers are members of the Teamsters local opposing this plan, and nearly 200 of these have actually filed formal grievances about the new system. We trust our public safety officers. We believe that when this many front-line police officers stand together against an idea, it is a clear indication that it is a bad one.
  • The system was devised by a national consultant with troubling viewpoints that denigratinge the civil rights movement and employee rights. Raleigh will be the first city to adopt this consultant's methodology and could well lead to a lucrative state and national rollout for this evaluation system. We do not believe that Raleigh should be used as a guinea pig for a new system with such troubling aspects. We also do not believe that financial motives by people either within or outside Raleigh's Police Department should be allowed to shape its operations.

Please come Tuesday to show your opposition to this plan and Like or Share this post on Facebook so other Triangle residents get the word. Thank you!

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