Standing Up For Equality

Ian Palmquist of Equality NC, standing up for human rights in a frozen sea of bigotry, speaks to a reporter as the marriage amendment rally ends in the background. Help him fight the hate by asking your State Representative to oppose HB 361.


Not the easiest job in town

Thanks for doing it, Ian.

By the by, I wonder how many in tha crowd besides Ian voted for Democrats? How 'bout NONE?

That's why the bigots cries for more diviseness can (or should) be so easily ignored by Democrats. They've marginalized themselves.


More later

This was a quick mobile post. More later. While Ian was talking to another reporter earlier some bozo got bent out of shape and approached a police officer to point him out. From a distance she seemed to set the bozo straight about the right to be in a public place.

Thanks, Ian

Thank you for standing up for so many who can't be there to stand up for themselves.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


they call Dems (boo scary)socialist all the while they are trying to revert to Feudalism or perhaps Oligarchy. (Well, those actually intelligent enough to think for themselves are.)

Christian nation

At the end of the audio, Lewis claims we are a Christian nation.

My email to the misguided Republican:

With all due respect, we are not now nor have we ever been a Christian nation. That is a fact that is written into our founding documents.

By allowing your personal Christian beliefs to blur the lines between church and state, you are undermining the very foundation of our great country. It embarrasses me to see elected officials in North Carolina pushing a religious agenda to discriminate against fellow human beings. You should be ashamed.

James Protzman

Thank You Ian

I know its not easy to feel like the only sane voice for miles!

- - - - -

I want to thank you too, Ian.

Please know that you have lots of support from us. You're terrific.