State Employee Reclassification

Laura Leslie of WRAL recently reported that the Legislature may introduce a bill in the upcoming special session to reduce the number of state employees subject to reclassification as political appointees from 1,500 to 300.

The need for this bill comes from a law passed in 2012 (by the 2012 Republican majority in anticipation of McCrory’s win) that increased the number of state employees subject to reclassification from 300 to 1,500.

Now with McCrory gone, the Republicans may move to protect McCrory’s 1,300 appointees to these positions.

However, a review of these positions suggests that there are few Republicans in them.

Here’s one example of the many positions deemed ‘important to McCrory’s administration’:

“Vehicle/Equipment Repair Supervisor”, Administration, $44,000/yr.

So why did McCrory reclassify this position ‘important’ to his administration?

My best guess is that the purpose of reclassifying this positon was to defend McCrory’s reclassification of similar positions.

Positions like the “Environmental Program Supervisors” at DENR.

One of those positions was filled by Amy Adams, whose hand you see in the Dan River Spill photo. She and the ‘Vehicle/Equipment’ employee had similar incomes.

Thankfully, a recent ruling in Vincoli vs. State restored state employees’ rights to contest their arbitrary reclassification.



So McCrory will appoint more of Cooper's admin than Cooper?

I guess that's one way to keep the McCrory administration in office even if he's not there. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Is there anything voters in the state can do about this?

There's probably more ...

... crony appointments in these jobs than meet the eye. I imagine many were used by McCrory as little perks to relatives of local GOP officials who contributed to his campaign or that have connections to someone in the legislature.

Cooper will find a way to crush this

All he needs to do is change the job of political appointees to something like "Dog Shit Scooper" and they won't stick around. It's going to get ugly, but I hope Roy will reach down into his bag of legal maneuvers and crush these people like the scum they are.