State, Raleigh sign lease for Dix campus; what's next?

State, Raleigh sign lease for Dix campus
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I have yet to see the lease signed today by Governor Perdue on behalf of the state of North Carolina. I hope to see it soon to see which party, the state or the city, is responsible for environmental liability and clean up. I raised this issue to members of the Council of State and the Governor, but never received acknowledgment of my questions or the courtesy of a reply to my emails.

The pledge by Greg Poole, leader of the group which calls itself Dix Visionaries, to raise $3 million raises some questions on openness and transparency:

Is there a budget for the master plan? Will the group be inclusive, when appointing the leaders of the planning group? Will Gregory Poole fully commit to funding the master plan privately? Will he make the donors public?

The group's IRS status is 501(c)(3), but I do not know whether disclosure is required. Guidestar has its financials from past years since 2007.

I wonder if this donation plan is intended to keep the public at bay while planning is done. This would not be legal if appointees from state or City of Raleigh were to do the planning and public moneys supported the planning process.

For those who followed my previous posts regarding public records requests, there has been no progress that I am aware of. I have contacted Sec. of State Elaine Marshall, who then referred me to the State Treasurer's Office. I am still awaiting a reply from Treasurer Cowell's office. Also, no news yet from NCSU's records office or news media office.