Steal this vote.

On Tuesday, Sharon McCloskey over at NC Policy Watch posted an excellent blog entitled, "Now more than ever: Five reasons why Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is needed", highlighting an article by Sandhya Bathija at Legal Progress.

I made an off hand comment, as I often do, deriding the fact that attacks on voting rights are examples of how desperate the GOP has become. And then a strange thing happened. The next comment in the thread was posted by Roger Clegg.

The name rang a bell, but I couldn't place it. Then it dawned on me, Roger Clegg served as Deputy Asst. Attorney general under Ed Meese, the only AG in U.S. history to be indicted and then forced to resign for his part in the WEDTECH scandal.

Roger's claim to fame may be that he's one of the few members of the Reagan administration not to be indicted, investigated, or imprisoned. But why would he be surfing a progressive website in NC?

Mr. Clegg is a proponent of many things, one being, that he's selling the idea that Affirmative Action laws are racist, leveling the playing field isn't fair to privileged white males who, in his opinion are the only ones deserving that entitlement.

Another one, and this is of particular importance, Roger believes the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unconstitutional. Even so, why would he be posting this argument on NC Policy Watch when the NY Times or the National Review are the usual places for him attack social progress? Because as Wisconsin assemblyman Mark Pocan pointed out in a heated discussion that occurred in 2011, Roger Clegg is a racist ALEC hack.

I've written posts in the past about NC being a battleground state and that the battle was looming, and I was wrong. With the appearance of people like Clegg, I can only believe what we're experiencing is a full frontal assault and not by our locally produced bloviating GOP wing nut idiots, these guys are players.

Voter ID laws, unprecedented gerrymandering, and attacks on the Voting Rights Act are the poisonous cynical machinations of the Right to subvert democracy and the will of the people. It is a shameless power grab and a desperate attempt to marginalize and restrict the basic rights of individuals as mandated by our constitution.

The one binding link to all of these propositions is ALEC. The GOP is in it's death throes nationally and they know the only way they can survive is to disenfranchise as many Democratic voters as possible.

When you can't win on ideas, when your party's demographic is shrinking and dying, your only alternative is to Steal the Vote. We cannot let this happen in NC.


ALEC, me, and the VRA

I appreciate your many kind words, sir, but I have no ties or contact with ALEC -- none.

BTW, here's what I posted on the NC Policy Watch website:

Here's why Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is bad policy, outdated, unconstitutional, and ought to be struck down by the Supreme Court:

What’s especially ironic is that the principal use to which Section 5 is put today is forcing jurisdictions to create and maintain racially segregated and gerrymandered voting districts – which is completely at odds with the original ideals of the Civil Rights Movement.

There are other federal laws available to protect the rights of voters, and they don't raise the problems that Section 5 does.

Section 5

The main problem I have with your argument that Section 5 is unconstitutional is that in states such as North Carolina that have a history of racial discrimination and racially motivated voting rights discrimination, this particular section requires any change to voting procedures and practices be pre-approved by the DOJ. Voter ID laws violate these expressed protections.

Eliminating these protections would allow the Republican party to disenfranchise large numbers of voters who do not support them and that is their goal. To say otherwise is being completely disingenuous, and by that I mean you are lying about your true intentions.

David Esmay


For bringing this to light.


Your conjecture about the involvement of the national rightwing is more than correct. OMG, Meese, a name from the rightwing of hell, a disgrace was a public official and he has done nothing since to atone. Yes, the strategy of nationally attacking the states and their legislatures has worked and only now are we aware of it, though many of us warned for years.