Step back on the frack

This kind of approach to lawmaking should be outlawed:

“I don't want any pollutant stuff either,” said Sen. Harris Blake, a Republican representing Moore and Harnett counties. “I'm very concerned about that. But I'm concerned that we'll spend years studying this stuff and then go ahead and do it. Then look at the time we'll lose.”

If those years spent provide us with guidance on how to frack safely, and how to protect our landowners from being ripped off (which is happening now), and gives us the tools we need to manage the upfront water usage and disposal of used (tainted) water, that time will not have been wasted. And we're not the only ones studying this matter:

The $45 million multi-agency study of hydraulic fracturing proposed by the Obama administration in its 2013 budget blueprint represents an effort to broaden the examination of shale gas drilling from just water to air quality and other environmental concerns.

"We need to ensure we have the best science available as hydraulic fracturing will continue," said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. "We have to make sure that as fracking continues on those lands it's being done in a safe and responsible way."

Interior's U.S. Geological Survey, the Department of Energy and U.S. EPA are developing a "memorandum of understanding" for the study to lay out the responsibilities of each agency. The memorandum, budget documents said, will seek to emphasize the expertise of each agency.

"This effort will promote a better understanding of potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing and complement current hydraulic fracturing research efforts," administration officials said in budget documents. "This research will help our nation to safely and prudently develop oil and gas resources."

This is not just a state matter, it's a national one. But industry people know that their success lies in manipulating state and local governments while undermining broader (Federal) government efforts to investigate and regulate this process.

Don't let them cram this dirty business down our throats. Preserve the Veto on S709, so we can take the time to do this the right way, if we're going to do it.


I cry for our state.

I cry for our state.

Look at the time we'll lose? What is this, a god damn race? The end of oil and gas is in sight. Are these idiots really in that much of a hurry to deplete the small, fragile resources that still exist?

Fucking morons.


Is retiring at the end of his term. I hope fracking is his not his lame duck going away gift to NC.

Every town, city and county downstream of fracking

... should be twisting their state legislators' arms legs and heads NOT to allow this.

It's bad enough that legislators representing the district think it's a good bargain.

It's worse that anyone not getting royalties downstream would think it a good bargain.