Still drinking bottled water? Stop.

I've written on the scam of bottled water many times, but this column at today, reminded me that it's never too early to write again.

Two years ago, the Earth Policy Institute estimated that each gallon of bottled water costs $10 a gallon to go from the groundwater to your lips. Each bottle of water kicks the environment twice, first with unnecessary plastic containers and then with the fuel that is burned to transport this heavy liquid load to your door, supermarket, or vending machine. The cost is currently four times the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline.

This sham is so ridiculous that the Government Accountability Office, which studied the issue for a House committee, reported this summer that the energy costs of delivering bottled water to a consumer in Los Angeles were 1,100 to 2,000 times more than the energy cost of tap water.

We all do stupid stuff. We all contribute to environmental degradation, often without even knowing that we're doing it. One easy and responsible action most of us can take is this: never buy bottled water again.


Your thoughts on mandatory water fluoridation?

I'm skeptical of the need for fluoride in the water system, and of the public water supply quality in general. I use a water filtration system at home, so I don't buy bottled water, but I know other people who buy it because they are afraid that their tap water is not healthy.

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Water fluoridation doesn't bother me

I know too many people who grew up without fluoride - and with astronomical dental bills. But I'm also willing to grant that it may be the source of all evil.

Much bottled water is simply municipal water in an expensive, plastic carrying case.

Anyone remember "swish" at school?

About once a week, we'd have to "swish," which meant we had to swish some kind of fluoride concoction around in out mouths for 30 seconds before spitting it out. I am sure it prevented countless cavities among NC schoolchildren, but man, that stuff was nasty!

This was in public gradeschool back in the 70's and 80's. I don't know if they still do it.

Those heady days of SWISH

I remember them well.

Going to an public elementary school in the foothills of NC that was full of lead paint and a general health hazard. Playing on rusty metal. Being nearly decapitated and knocked flat on my back playing Red Rover.

But dangit, I'm here ain't I?

My dentist grandfather (his first job was a dentist in a stereotypical NC mill village way back when) told my parents and aunts that swish was a good thing when I came along. I'm sure he wouldn't dream of hurting his grandchildren.


Heady days

I also remember when we used to run outside when US Air Force C-130s flew overhead spraying DDT across every square inch of Hampton, Virginia, the home of Langley Air Force Base. You could see the mist dropping from the skies and we always tried to follow the trail on our bikes. That was 1960. DDT was banned in 1972.

Ahh, the memories ... <cough>

In Hickory in the early 1960's it was the fog truck, a pickup truck with a DDT fog generator on the back that drove through the neighborhood with all us kids on our bikes trailing behind. What the hell did we know? Silent Spring didn't come out until 1962.

My baby boy was of the "swish" class

he is 29 and has never had a cavity!

I don't know about "never"...

...but I can certainly accept "very rarely". :)

I remember during the recent drought, the Pepsi plant in Raleigh was drawing 40,000 gallons a day from Falls Lake to bottle Aquafina. I don't know which was more disheartening, that we were bottling and shipping away our drinking water in a critical drought, or the fact that folks around the Southeast were buying Raleigh drinking water at a 4,000% markup.

Good point ... never say never

I bought some bottled water at the beach this summer because the municipal water tasted like sulfur.

Let's hear it for "very rarely!"

That must explain

why I never read Huffington Post. What a bunch of bullshit. Obama should be embarrassed, too. I wonder if Michele knows he's shilling for designer water?