Stop it

If I see another newspaper or tv station peddling this kind of horseshit, I might just have to throw up.

"Dare County is the capital of travel and tourism," McCrory said. "One reason we were able to give teachers a pay raise was because of tourism spending."

The Capitol Press corpse and other mainstream media in North Carolina (and in this case, Virginia) fell for McCrory's head-fake on teacher pay like a bunch of bush-league rookies. Instead of starting with the only question that counts - where is the damn money coming from - they're reporting McCrory's "plan" as though it actually matters.

You've been played, guys. Every single one of you.


I'll say one thing for Art Pope

After spending millions to oil his fancy Opinion Manufacturing Machine, he sure knows how to manipulate the press.

Guh. I hate when they do this

Use whatever subject or environment is at hand to float bullshit about other issues they're having trouble with. In this case it's double-bullshit because the increase in tourism dollars has a hell of a lot more to do with inflation than it does an actual increase in the volume of tourists, and McCrory's use of the past tense "were able to" implies they've already given raises to teachers.

The media's apparent fear of questioning McCrory's bold and bald-faced lying statements is only going to encourage him to greater levels of deception.

Incomplete reporting

What happened to media outlets and reporters who cared enough to report the full story?

It's fine to report that Pat showed a little skin, and use his BS quote in the story. But we couldn't help but notice what was missing from the story -- something like:

[Pick an expert -- there are plenty and they should be in your Rolodex] said, however, that McCrory's jobs estimate is most likely inflated, and pointed out that McCrory's budget closed or curtailed operations at several state arts and historic facilities, which likely will cut into the tourism revenue in the future. In addition, new sales taxes on programs, concerts, museums and similar tourism-related events could keep would-be tourists at home.

[Pick an expert or a politician from the other side of the aisle -- there are plenty and they should in in your Rolodex] countered McCrory's claims by noting that North Carolina faces a $445 million revenue shortfall this fiscal year, a direct result of the GOP tax cuts for wealthy North Carolinians that the governor signed into law. It is unclear where money would come from for teacher raises and "masking North Carolina's fiscal crisis with happy talk about tourism revenue is disingenuous and misleading," [cited expert] said.

Such real reporting might have taken 7 more minutes, but readers would be much better informed.

And this would have been a fantastic opportunity to include a quote from a farmer or fisherman. They most likely would have note that they don't seem to be sharing in Pat's pretend economic boom and things keep getting tougher for them thanks to the GOP policies, and they're not getting a pay increase, but they are getting a tax increase and they don't appreciate that.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014