Sunday News: Bad Hombre? Not even close

"THERE IS NO PLACE I COULD GO:" HARNETT COUNTY MOM FACES DEPORTATION TO COUNTRY SHE BARELY REMEMBERS (Fayetteville Observer) -- 20 years ago, Lilian Cardona-Perez left the violence of Guatemala as a teenager. This week she learns if she has to go back, leaving her husband and four children behind. "I left with my sister when I was 13 years old," Cardona-Perez said through an interpreter Saturday at an Angier prayer vigil for her family. "I have no family there. I have no home. There is no place I could go." She pauses as her husband, Juan Perez, squeezes her arm gently. "I will still go to work this week, until the day I must go to Charlotte," she said. "I have faith that God will watch over us." Cardona-Perez has a hearing on Thursday at the Department of Immigration in Charlotte. If her hearing is denied, authorities can order her removed from the country, even though she has a work permit that is valid through October.

‘OPEN WAR AGAINST THE JUDICIARY’ (Facing South) -- In North Carolina, Republicans are moving a raft of bills aimed at state courts this week, measures that take away power from newly-elected Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and increase political partisanship in judicial elections. The opening salvo was House Bill 100, which the N.C. Senate approved by a 32-15 vote early in the week; the measure would return partisan labels to elections for judges for the state Superior and District courts. GOP lawmakers pushed through a bill to make N.C. Supreme Court races partisan in a special session last December, after Judge Mike Morgan, a registered Democrat, won a seat on the higher court, flipping it to a liberal-leaning majority.

ROCKINGHAM DISTRICT ATTORNEY QUITS DAYS AFTER SBI SEARCH (AP) -- One of two North Carolina district attorneys accused of conspiring to hire each other's wives and allow them to collect salaries for little work has resigned. A whistleblower lawsuit accuses Blitzer and Wallace Bradsher, district attorney for Person and Caswell counties, of hiring their own wives. Shortly thereafter, the women swapped jobs. In her lawsuit, filed in January, former Bradsher employee Debra Halbrook alleged she was fired for reporting the district attorneys to the SBI.

THE GOP'S GUIDING PRINCIPLE: YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN (Washington Post column) -- President Trump is not an ideologue — not because he’s open-minded, but because he has little in the way of particular beliefs about policy. He does, however, have impulses, inclinations and prejudices. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), on the other hand, is an ideologue, as are many if not most of his compatriots in Congress. Put that Congress and this White House together, and you get a Republican government with a clear and coherent ideology, one you can sum up in a short declarative statement: You’re on your own.

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This format will be discontinued after today

The individual who has been compiling these daily news stories for several years, in addition to the demands of his full-time occupations, has decided to bring it to an end. I honestly don't know how he's been able to keep going for so long, but every day has been a blessing.

I say the "format" will be discontinued, because we're going to try to grab 4-5 articles from various media sites and continue to present them in a similar fashion. But (of course) there won't be a link to the whole master collection, because there won't be one to link to.

Staying informed is important, and BlueNC will continue to strive in that direction. But one of the things I've learned is to utilize my Facebook and Twitter pages to "corral" reliable news articles, by friending and following reporters from the Capitol Press Corps and other reliable dailies here in North Carolina. I've usually got 4-5 tabs open every morning, scanning for important developments and such. Yes, you can go to the N&O, N&R, WRAL, etc. main online front page and start from there, if you don't mind slogging through sportsball stories, ice sculptures, or candles made from whiskey.

I have nothing against those things, but when pregnant mothers are being rounded up for deportation, I'm pretty sure we've been distracted enough already. Just a reminder: Every one of you reading this has the capability of posting a diary here, and not a day goes by that we don't miss several important stories that could use an airing here. If you are interested in posting something but need a little coaching in the actual implementation, I would be more than happy to help. If I can do it, you know. A one-armed monkey who dropped out of middle-school and ran away from home, and was forced to get a job tasting (not testing) lead paint for a living could do it. ;)


I've always enjoyed and learned from Quick Clips! Sorry to see it go, but life...

Thanks Quick Clipper - whoever you are!

Seth Effron was the quick clipper

Or maybe "Seth Effron" - Depending on whether Seth Effron is a pseudonym or not. I utilized his work pretty much every day.
Seth - if you read this: THANK YOU.