Sunday News: Cause & effect version


WATER OPTIONS OFFERED TO RESIDENTS NEAR LUMBERTON COAL ASH SITE (Fayetteville Observer) -- Duke Energy is offering residents who live near a coal ash site $5,000 if they agree not to sue the company. The offer was discussed during a meeting Wednesday when Duke Energy officials talked to the residents about ways the company can provide water to them.

DUKE ENERGY CEO’S PAY JUMPED 27 PERCENT TO $13.8 MILLION LAST YEAR (Charlotte Observer) -- Duke Energy chairman and CEO Lynn Good’s pay jumped 27 percent last year to about $13.8 million, the company said Friday in its shareholder proxy statement.

STATE SENATOR WARNS OF 'INSURGENCY,' 'SEDITION' BY TRUMP CRITICS (WRAL-TV) -- At Saturday's "March 4 Trump" rally in Raleigh, state Sen. Ron Rabin, R-Harnett, painted a threatening picture of President Donald Trump's critics, suggesting that those who support "resistance" against the president may be guilty of treason. Weaving a tapestry of conspiracy theory and the occasional debunked claim, Rabin claimed that the media, "except for one station," is in league with "the Hollywood elite" and "elite universities" in "a cabal of leftists and internationalists" that includes billionaire Democratic supporter George Soros. "I am in violent disagreement with that group of cuckoo clocks," he added.

DRONE USE BY GOVERNMENTS, BUSINESSES SPIKES IN TRIANGLe (Raleigh News & Observer) -- More and more companies in the Triangle, particularly in the public safety, construction and agricultural industries, are trying to integrate drones into their business to save money, improve safety and open up new opportunities. Snyder said a drone’s video stream could, in the future, be connected to a 911 system to help first responders or to deliver medical supplies, such as defibrillators, to a scene. No law enforcement agency in Wake County is using drones yet. But as a former Raleigh police officer, Jack of Flyboy Photo and Media imagines drones could be used to document crime scenes or for more high-risk situations, such as dealing with an armed suspect.

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