Sunday News: Comrade Burr gets chastised


LAWMAKER WARNS BURR OVER REPORTS HE TRIED TO HELP QUASH RUSSIA STORIES Bloomberg News) -- The Senate Intelligence Committee's top Democrat warned the panel's chairman over reports that the Republican worked with the White House to try to squash negative stories about Russian interference in last year's U.S. elections, calling it a threat to the integrity of the top congressional probe into the issue. "If Chairman Burr is discussing classified matters with the press and pre-judging the committee's investigation, all at the behest of the White House, it's hard to imagine how he could convince me or the public of his impartiality," Wyden said in a email statement. "If that is the case, I intend to co-sponsor legislation creating an independent commission to investigate Russia's interference in our democracy."

THERE'S NO COMPROMISE FOR HB2 (Fayetteville Observer) -- House Bill 2, North Carolina's controversial bathroom regulation law of 2016, appears to have become an issue for which there can be no compromise. This casts doubt on whether the North Carolina legislature will repeal it any time soon, despite an expanding economic boycott of our state based on criticism that the law codified discrimination against transgender people. Events of last week illustrate the impasse.

WILL TRUMP TAKE ADVICE FROM MCMASTER: (New York Times) -- As commander of an armored cavalry troop, H. R. McMaster fought in the largest tank battle of the Persian Gulf war, earning a Silver Star in the process. Afterward, the young captain reflected on how different his experience had been from the accounts he had read about Vietnam. So when he arrived at the University of North Carolina for graduate studies in fall 1992, questions swirled through his head: How had Vietnam become an American war? Why did American troops die without a clear idea of their mission? “I began to seek answers to those questions,” he later wrote. The result was a dissertation that turned into a book that would become, for a whole generation of military officers, a must-read autopsy of a war gone wrong.

CURRITUCK DIMS FUTURE OF SOLAR FACILITIES WITH PERMANENT BAN (Elizabeth City Daily Advance) -- The issue: Currituck County leaders have voted for a ban on all future solar facility permitting in the county. Our position: The county has better options and can take reasonable actions to plan for solar facilities without this ban, which is short-sighted and ill-conceived.

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