Sunshine Day at Elon University is Wed. March 14.

Sunshine Day is from noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 14 at Elon University in Oaks 212. Speakers will include veteran journalists from North Carolina and more than a dozen experts and advocates for open government, including keynote speaker Barbara A. Petersen, the president of the First Amendment Foundation in Florida.

Elon encourages citizens, journalists, government employees, librarians, lawyers, public officials, anyone and everyone to attend.

The N.C. Press Association has provided a great public service by posting a guide to open government and records on its site.

This new booklet has been published jointly by the North Carolina Attorney General's office and the North Carolina Press Association. All of the answers have been carefully crafted by lawyers to make the law as easy to understand as possible.

Also on the site: the open meetings law and the public records law.


Do you need to learn about open government?

I have worked in a state government agency with a public board to oversee its policies, and I had to learn about public documents and open meetings as part of my job.

However, Sunshine Week highlights the need for members of the general public to be educated on the rules for open meetings and for obtaining public documents under NC's laws.

Just a reminder in case you have the opportunity to attend the event tomorrow at Elon.

Martha Brock