Supporting Randy Voller for North Carolina Democratic Party Chair

I just heard that Eric Mansfield is stepping out of the race for NC State Democratic party chair. I strongly support Randy Voller for NCDP Chair and I urge you to support him as well. He will be a strong leader and we North Carolina Democrats need to come together, get organized, and win!

I know that Eric Mansfield's supporters must be disappointed, but I hope that they will give Randy Voller a chance. As a business owner in Chatham County, I have gotten to know Randy well and I admire what his organizing efforts accomplished in this past election. I can honestly say that in 2012 when I was feeling incredibly discouraged by the NC state Democratic party, Randy's work organizing Chatham County was a true bright spot. Chatham County had the highest voter turnout in the state--more than 76%! Voller had a plan and carried it out. He can do great things for our state party if we all decide to come together.

--Amy Tiemann, Chapel Hill & Pittsboro


Well said.

Totally agree.

Randy Voller will be a great chair for the NCDP

I am sorry for Eric's family, and pray for his Mom.

That said, I am grateful there is another choice who will be an excellent chair of the NCDP. Voller has proven he cares about all North Carolina citizens with his grass roots, volunteer-supported statewide campaign for the last 6 weeks. This campaign also proves Voller knows how to win elections, and will support every county in the state, all 100 of them. He will help NC local Democratic Party officials prevail over the true opposition, the GOP, in local, county, and State legislative races, and the US congressional races coming in 2014.

Randy Voller just turned 44 years old, and he has the energy and the vision to lead this Party, something we badly need right now. He has the new ideas it will take, youth, and expert understanding of modern election success. He can and will lead this Democratic Party forward.

Best thoughts to Eric, but our support and united effort must be to elect Randy Voller the next NCDP Chair.

I have known Randy Voller for

I have known Randy Voller for over 20 years. He has remarkable energy and the ability to organize volunteers at the grass roots level, which is the only way to combat those who can pump big money into campaigns. The only way to trump big money is with working people. Randy has clearly demonstrated this ability. Of course, money is still needed, and Randy had shown that he can bring in a constant stream of funds to help support the local party and candidates. I think we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to elect a chairperson who will actively help rebuild the North Carolina Democratic Party from the ground up.

Sam Gaskins, Mayor Pro Tem
Sanford, North Carolina