Sweet Jane

Happy 60th birthday to my wonderful wife, Jane Delano Brown. International scholar, valued mentor, tireless fundraiser, and very proud mother. I am one lucky duck.

I met Jane in 1977; we got married ten years later. Recently, I learned more about her formative years from reading about the courtship of her parents and sorting through mountains of photographs. From all I can tell, Jane was what you might call "hot" during her high school years. She still is.


You are lucky, pal

Jane is awesome. Happy birthday, professor!

iFeliz Cumpleanos!

to Jane. And gratz to you both for being together so long. True love is a wonderful thing.


My friend, Sue Estroff at UNC-CH, says she and Jane are buddies, too. She says you (James) are very creative. No kidding! Loved the video. How much fun to study, sex drugs and rock'n'roll!

Martha Brock