Ta-ta for now

First he screwed over Washington DC public schools, then he did the same at Wake County public schools. And now Mr. Logistics Expert is going to do the honors at the North Carolina Department of Public Transportation, as only a trough-slopping GOP hack can do. Nice going, Governor Pope. At this rate, you'll be able to shut down the whole Puppetshow and transfer the entire staff to your new and improved personal estate government. Daddy would be proud of all the wonderful things you're doing with the silver spoons he left you.


For now

Tony has a pretty sad record of keeping gainful employment, which is especially strange given that he's spent his whole career getting paid to do a half-assed job by taxpayers.

I wish I could fail upward

I wish I could fail upward like that. What does it take to get on the wing-nut gravy train?

"We will buy what we want"

I hate it when I'm right about evil stuff. This was published almost 18 months ago, right here on BlueNC.

Tata as DOT Secretary

Well...he does have a way with buses. One just cannot make this stuff up.

Is he Pope Art's Cousin or other relative? Tata that is.

Tata, a "Modern Major General" (apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) must be related to Pope or some other big wig. They just want to find the poor dear a job. The guy is a clown. Most brigadiers are failures anyway, and this guy more than most. Must be a ring knocker.