Take a break from NC politics and make a few calls

I've heard that Cheeto is hard to find these days, what with taking vacations every weekend. Plus, he's shut down the lines to the White House, as if he might ever have listened to what people have to say.

Anyway, I started calling around today to see if I could find him. I called all the numbers listed below and asked for Trump ... but he was nowhere to be found. I'll have to keep trying. The gracious staff at his many properties say that all the phone calls are jamming up their lines and costing Trump real money. I kinda like that. No need to be rude or obnoxious, these are working people, even if they've sold their souls to the devil.

Just call and tell them you heard that you could ask to speak to Mr. Trump. Piece of cake.

Trump tower 212-836-3249
Trump grille 212-715-6788
Trump bar 212-836-3200
Trump events 212-715-7290
Mar-a-lago 561-832-2600
Trump winery 434-984-3895
DC hotel 202-695-1160
Miami hotel 305-592-2000
Hawaii hotel 808-683-7777
Chicago hotel 312-588-8000
Las Vegas hotel 702-982-0000
New York hotel 212-299-1000
Toronto hotel 416-306-5800
Panama hotel 507-215-8800
Trump golf 212-832-2000
Miami golf 305-592-2000
LA golf 310-265-5000
New York golf 718-414-1555
Palm Beach golf 561-682-0700




I like it. You could ask about the weather. Traffic. Dining hours, specials. They could be on the phone for hours.


I love that idea! Very clever. I hadn't even thought to ask questions like that.

Spread the word!

Just called all the numbers again

Only three didn't work.

This would be a great thing for you to do on February 17, the day of the general strike. It's easy to do, you don't even need to say anything unless you want to.

I'm doing what I can to bring Trump down.