Take a look at this...2009 Federal Employees Health Benefits Programs

Here's a link to the most expensive Federal Health care plan and a comparison to two United HealthCare plans that are better than most.

Here's the LINK to premiums for all the plans.

Do your own investigating and you'll find that the coverage is good and WAY cheaper than anything we can buy. The SAMBA plan includes unlimited prescription drug coverage and is @ half the cost of what my wife and I pay.

Why can't our elected representatives give us what they and other federal employees have?

Kay Hagan and all the rest who oppose a public option are simply screwing us. Why? that's the real question. I'd like to know. How about you?

Finally...take a good look at the Death Clock AND REALLY GET FROSTED!


These are all "non- Postal Employee" plans.

Postal employees have their own set of rate structures.

Stan Bozarth

Having gone for 6 months now without health insurance

after having it for over 10 years, I am still in shock at the price of continuing to treat my chronic health condition.

At first I tried to skimp on the meds. Um, don't do that. It's not smart. I'm fortunate enough to have a "medical home" - a doctor who has done her best to supply med samples when she can, and work with me on alternative, lower cost therapies.

I'd really like to be able to buy into a plan that we could afford that would cover prescription meds and doctors office visits. Really.

My wife has a chronic and very rare blood disorder.

According to the specialists, fewer than 1 in 10,000 have her problem. New meds, introduced within the two years or so have finally made her disease manageable. The meds are very very very expensive.. If I hadn't worked for IBM and have coverage under their plan... which, although expensive, provides drug coverage... we'd be in deep yogurt. I understand your pain.

If you note, the SAMBA "family plan" is less than $600/month... with no limits on drugs. There is no reason "we the people" can't have what our legislators have. They are... and I'll say it again... screwing us. Why? They can give the banks 100's of Billions of our money but they won't spend a penny on us in the area we deem most important. It's criminal.

What does it take? I'm ready to take to the streets and pull them out of their plush offices and tar and feather them all. They've got theirs... they don't give a damn about us. even if they had to purchase their own coverage, these legislators earn @ 4X what the average American family earns. They could well afford it.

When are enough of us going to get angry enough to do more than write letters?

Stan Bozarth

I wish every business and citizen of NC

would refuse to pay their health insurance premiums in July and August ... just to show what economic clout looks like. Maybe you can organize that in your spare time?


I don' know if that's a good idea, but we ought to

brainstorm what we could do that would have an impact...and spread it across the tubes. C'mon folks...let's put our thinking caps on.

Stan Bozarth

Healthcare is still a top

Healthcare is still a top concern for Americans-even above other major issues such as escalating gas prices and problems within the housing market. Health care is a huge national concern. There's a lot of talk about health care reform, and the industry does need it, especially since so many people that are only after the most basic of care have to get emergency cash loans to cover something as simple as a simple antibiotics script, and a full third of the nation is without health insurance. The lead researcher for the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, Elliot Fisher, a practitioner for over 20 years, has pointed out that areas that spend more on health care interestingly spend more on unnecessary procedures, and have higher mortality rates. So why do we need payday cash advances for health care that is worse when more expensive?