Taylor, Jones Should Give Up the Dirty Money

The Hotline Blog today published a list of members of Congress who have given up dirty money from Abramoff and DeLay. Guess who ain't on it?

Charles Taylor, Walter Jones, and the NCGOP need to cough it up and do it quick (details at the NCDP website). As much as I hate giving these guys good advice, I'd hate letting them retain wages of sin even more.



They should keep it.

These guys will go to their graves complainin' that they been misunderstooded. That they din't do nuthin' wrong. That we're impuning their character unfairly because they cain't be bought.

Let's encourage them keep the damn money so everyone can see them twist and turn and try to explain away their transgressions.

And maybe, if we're lucky . . . and if their constituencies actually care about integrity . . . they'll be going to their graves (political) sooner than later.

I'm sick of North Carolina being a joke.