Is the Tea Party finally over?

The Magic 8-ball sez, "Not bloody likely":

Observers see what they want to see in the results, and they can be blinded by their preconceptions and personal preferences. For example, state Speaker Thom Tillis won the GOP nomination in North Carolina on Tuesday. But if he loses to Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November, anti-establishment Republicans will cry, “See, I told you so.”

“If only we had nominated Greg Brannon,” they will argue. Or, “If we had only nominated Mark Harris, then we would have won the seat.” It doesn’t matter if that is actually true or not, it’s what “constitutional conservatives” will believe, and it will lead them to redouble their efforts for the anti-establishment cause.

They can redouble their efforts all they want, but as long as they keep throwing their support behind unstable con artists who think answering all questions by misquoting the Constitution is the best way to inspire confidence in their abilities, the Tea Party will continue to come in a distant second place.


Part of me wishes

Brannon had defeated Tillis yesterday, but another part of me is greatly relieved. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Which part?

The crazy part or the evil part?