Tea Party Thom Goolsby

Yesterday, State Senator Thom Goolsby actually suggested to WECT reporter Ann McAdams that NC is wasting billions on public education, and asked hypothetically, "Where did all the money go?" Read the WECT story here: http://www.wect.com/story/19265770/goolsby-money-set-aside-for-education-is-getting-wasted

His comments would be laughable if this wasn't such a serious accusation. Today's Fitzsimon File lays out why Goolsby's line of thinking is dangerous, not just for our school children, but also in how traditional media covers a campaign. I couldn't agree more on Fitzsimon's conclusion, EXCEPT that Goolsby IS being challenged this fall, and by a worthy opponent, local attorney, Deb Butler.

Butler is a leader in New Hanover County, and she will tackle some of our state's greatest challenges with some good old North Carolina common sense. She fired back at Goolsby today with some tough talking: “His comments on education show just how clueless he is. No matter how he tries to cook the books, North Carolina has $330 million less available to school children than in 2010, and anyone with a child in public school can see there are fewer teachers, fewer resources and larger class sizes."

And that's not all. Deb goes on to say that "Tea Party Thom Goolsby likes to wrap himself in the Constitution when it suits him. He should be reminded that the North Carolina Constitution guarantees the right of education to every child, and that it is the duty of the State to guard and maintain that right.” Read her press release in its entirety here: http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=a5f5ad30f0a0b5d902e899ba7&id=7acbe56b5a&e=441986d0ea

Aside from the very obvious need for more women in state offices, we need someone like Deb who won't back down when the Tea Party and their minions try to dismantle the legacy of education in this state, and we need to step up to the plate to help candidates like Deb who can credibly deliver the message.

Looks like Tom Goolsby has a challenger all right, and I'm proud to help her win this race.



Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I'm sending Deb and contribution today.

Thanks James!

We just saw the notice of your contribution, and Deb is so very glad to know folks around NC have her back. Also, thanks for promoting this post to the BlueNC homepage. Democrats have few pick-up opportunities this cycle. We might not re-gain the majority in the NCGA, but Deb's race is an opportunity to cut the Republican margin. I'll post an update on the status of the race in the coming days. Cheers!

That 70s show

If we went back to the 1970 of Goolsby's dream NC would be almost last in graduation rates nationwide, just ahead of Kentucky and South Carolina.