The teacher exodus begins

Pink slip printers are now hiring for all three shifts:

As students across North Carolina wrap up the school year, as many as 12,000 of their teachers and teaching assistants are finding out they will not be returning next year. School districts in the Tarheel State are handing out pink slips in anticipation of the budget cuts being proposed at the state level.

State Senate leaders have promised even deeper cuts to the education budget.

Going against the wishes of the people:

An Elon University poll shows that 73 percent of the state's voters favor a one-year extension of the sales tax to support public schools.

An opinion also reflected in this PPP Poll:

Asked whether it's more important to minimize cuts to education or let the temporary sales tax increase expire, 55% of voters side with education while only 32% think it's more important to return the tax to its previous level. That sentiment is actually held most strongly by independents, 60-26. Democrats feel that way 57-30 and even Republicans do by a 49-37 margin.

But of course, the propagandists at The Show couldn't allow these polls to go unopposed, so they cranked up their Misleading Question Machine and set the dial to "Almost An Outright Lie":

“Would you support or oppose a plan by Governor Perdue to raise taxes by over $800 million?”

Nothing about the sales tax already being in place for the last two years, or the Governor simply wishing to extend it. Apparently the Puppets consider the truth to be like candy: An occasional treat if you behave, but too much will make you sick.