Teacher tenure law unconstitutional - state plans appeal

The Republican plan to strip North Carolina teachers of their tenure has been declared unconstitutional by a Superior Court judge. Judge Robert Hobgood issued a permanent injunction against the law, ruling that it violated the contract clause of the US constitution and was an illegal seizure of property under the state constitution.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, who crafted the provision to end tenure, called the ruling "a classic case of judicial activism" and said lawmakers would work to appeal the decision.

"Today, a single Wake County judge suppressed the will of voters statewide who elected representatives to improve public education and reward our best teachers with raises," Berger said in an email.

Berger will not doubt issue the same quote when Amendment One is eventually overturned or when any number of lawsuits against the Republican legislature's agenda gets knocked down in the courts.

I didn't realize that the election of the Republicans in the state legislature was a "mandate" for dismantling NC's public school system.

Go ahead, guys, appeal the ruling - you're just digging a deeper hole for yourselves with NC voters.