Teachers boycotting Art Pope's businesses. You can too.

Let's hope it sticks. And spreads.

The largest association of educators in the state is calling for a boycott of all businesses owned by Art Pope, a North Carolina business man and political insider who has contributed millions of dollars to conservative groups pressing for the elimination of caps on charter school funding. The decision to call for the boycott was made last week at the annual convention of the North Carolina Association of Educators.

Art Pope is the president of Variety Wholesalers, Inc., and a director of the conservative political advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity. Pope is also a major supporter of the Civitas Institute, and he holds a seat on the boards of directors for the John Locke Foundation, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association. Variety Wholesalers is the parent group to a number of popular stores in the state such as Roses, Maxway, Value Mart, Super 10 and Super Dollar (though not Dollar General), among others owned by Variety Wholesalers Inc.


Where can I?

Find a complete listing of the businesses? Being in college I don't shop too much (except for Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts) but I'd like to do what I can!

Nathan Westmoreland
President - UNC-CH Young Democrats

Pope Businesses

Roses Store
Maxway Store
Super 10 Store

Super Dollar Store
Bargain Town Store
Treasure Mart Store
Bills Dollar Store
Super Saver Store
Value Mart Store
Pope Store

The first three are the most common in NC. The store locator at the Variety Wholesalers website is not very accurate. For example there are two stores in Raleigh, a Super Dollar and a Maxway, that are not located correctly