Terminal groin project under (Federal) scrutiny

Selfish behavior clashes with hard science:

Both fishery agencies expressed concern for the health of the inlet and called for more study of the area before a permit is granted. Fish and Wildlife went further, recommending denial of the project as described because the environmental review did not adequately address potential impacts to endangered species and sensitive habitats.

This is what happens when you eschew an encompassing coastal management plan in favor of a first come, first served, money-rules-the-day approach. It also exposes a complete misunderstanding of "the rights of citizens". When one person's behavior negatively impacts the quality of life of another, freedom is not well-served.


Minimum wage

Minimum Wage
$8.71 in 1968 in 2012 dollars($6.75)
Republicans fight increases.
How can they be so heartless?
Middle Class needs an improved Standard of Living
Shame on them

clarence swinney