Test your free-market extremist credentials!

Rob Christensen's December 2 column has an analysis of what he considers the state of civics education in the United States, based on a test created by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Christensen's column wraps with a link to this test, which I found hard, somewhat bizarre, and dramatically tilted in favor of knowing all about the kind of dead white men these people adore.

And what does Christensen have to say in the interest of full disclosure?

ISI is a conservative-leaning organization founded in 1953.

If you follow my link to the ISI website, you will discover that "conservative leaning" describes ISI about as well as "objective reporter" describes Christensen himself. The website features The Conservative Mind as part of its top-level navigation, Clarence Thomas, as an honored lecturer, with links throughout the site to Townhall.com.

Let's face the sad truth folks. Christensen has long carried water for his buddy John Hood, but with this column, I hereby declare Rob an official and permanent member of the Art Pope Puppetshow. (Click on the official Puppetshow Map for all recent updates!)

Christensen got an 88 on the free-market extremist test. (I got an 83.) Given all the time he spends sucking up to the boys at the John Locke Foundation, he should have done way better than that.

If John Drescher wants to establish himself as a leader in his new job at the N&O, firing Rob Christensen would be a good first step.

Be sure to take the test! Click here to get started.



Someone emailed me asking if this John Drescher is the same guy who helped lead anti-science crusades at the Discovery Institute. Unless he's cloned himself, I don't think they are the same person.

Clue Number 1

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute received $156,000 from the Pope Foundation in 2005 and $25,000 in 2006.

I got a perfect "Exxon" John Hood score, but!!!!!!!!

I got 88. 6 of the 7 I got* Paul

I got a perfect score of 130 and than I was inform that I had cheated on the test since my test name was Ron Paul and was associated with the anti-war, anti-neo-con, anti-establishment mainstream media, anti-torture, anti- international corporate strangehold movement, anti-Christ church, anti-republican white rich boys country club, anti-industrial- prison- complex,anti-military-industrial complex, pro Bill of Rights, Pro-constitutional judicial due process movement, 2 nd amendment movement, where we believe every citizen has a right to arm himself with a nuke against the John Locke Foundation, Pro-Thomas Paine 1 st amendment movement where we believe that the John Locke Foundation can voice their opinions on the internet even if they love to survey porn sites in the interest of research and finally the free Willy movement where we believe that Willy has a choice of any diet club he choses reguardless of his animal evolutionary charactor.

Other than that " Exxon" John Hood, what was the price of gas at your local 24/7 today?

One other note! Art Pope could have save a bundle of his money if he had turn into the late night Jay Leo TV Show where he asks the same questions to the Jaywalkers on historial pop culture knowledge....As they say, a Art Pope sucker is born every minute in the neo-con educational movement

I got 88. 6 of the 7 I got

I got 88. 6 of the 7 I got wrong were the latter "free market" questions that biased what was otherwise pretty good test, I thought. The only other one I missed was the Monroe Doctrine, I said it was based on Mainfest Destiny. Brain fart there!

Free market

I think I probably missed some of those on purpose . . . the questions were like a push poll!



"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I figured you for 100%

being's as you're a closet free-market extremist.

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its true

Im a mole sent here to give the NC Senate to the Republicans.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Free Market Got Me Too

I missed one question and it was a "free market" one, and I still don't agree with their answer. :-)

As someone who taught most of this material for many years, I didn't see much bias in it other than in the free market section. Most of it was pretty factual.

I think we can argue whether or not someone in college should know these things, but that's the nature of tests; what's the purpose?



Only one question? Holy Adam Smith, Mr. Black!

Good to see you out and about.

still recall a few things

I got 81% which is pretty good since I last had American History during the Johnson Administration.
It does worry me that college students may be unaware of what rights and freedoms are endangered. I try to explain some facts about the government to my son (age 8) on a regular basis, just to make up for what he misses while his teachers cram the kids with facts for No Child Left Behind.


I got 91.67%, so I guess I must know something about the free-market. But that doesn't mean that I support the extremists.

But I have to agree with Rob Christensens basic point. It is disturbing that college kids did so poorly. There were enough easy questions for everyone who has made it to college to pass.

91.67 here, too.

And most of the ones I missed were economic.

I did think that some of the questions were a little biased - the correct answer for the one about Keynsian economics was that in a recession, "governments should spend more than they tax," and I think the commonly used phrases are closer to "governments should run a deficit," or "governments should make public investments to stimulate the economy."

And a progressive tax was defined as a tax in which higher tax brackets pay a higher ratio of taxes to income. Again, maybe that's technically correct, but you could also say, "a tax which increases as the ability to pay increases."

Mr. Drescher

Via email today, the top dog at the N&O says Christensen's piece was a "good column on a matter of public interest." And while he appreciates my advice, he says he'll "keep Rob."

I can understand the desire to "keep Rob." He knows everyone in the world, and has a direct line to the Puppetshow, which is a real and growing force in North Carolina politics. But if that's the case, Drescher should make sure Christensen has a strong editor on his back - one who will guarantee that the biases are clearly disclosed.

fair test

I got a 93, and I'm prud of that. I thought that the test was moderately hard, but fair. I don't think it's any harder than the AP US History Exam I took eleven years ago. Some of the questions were ridiculously easy. For instance, "to what wall was Reagan referring?" or "who was the cold war against." There was a mix of easy, moderate, and hard problems. I wouldn't expect most high school seniors to pass, but most college seniors definitely should be up there around 80%.

The balance between different historical periods seemed to be proper in light of the effects those periods have on our society as it exists today. Despite the fact that our founding fathers weren't perfect by today's standards, who doesn't adore them or at least respect them? If you don't I'm curious to hear why not.