Thanks, Chairman Parker!!

@NCCapTonight The @NCDemPartry only raised $2,700 in indiv. donations in Q2. The .@NCGOP raises about $212K. ‪#ncpol

Tell me again how "fundraising is just fine"?


One can only hope

those missing donors are giving directly to candidates (or other Party orgs), as opposed to not giving at all.

I'm sure it's a conspiracy cooked up by the Electeds. Or maybe the Obama Campaign hired a root doctor to cast a spell which changes the name on the "pay to the order of" line on the checks from NCDP to OFA.

My guess is the donors are truly missing.

I'm not going to criticize the NCDP because my knowledge of what they've been doing or not doing is zero. That zero is, however, a problem in itself because it means whatever their message is, it isn't getting out to registered democratic voters and others.

I gave up years back when the NCDP wiouldn't stand tall against DINO's and support real Democrats...and when they waffled on Thomas Wright...and the list goes on and on.

I think McIntyre will lose and hope Kissell loses. I'd about as soon have a "known" dirtbag in office as a two-faced DINO.

Stan Bozarth

The donors were gone in 2010

According to one well-placed political consultant, top-ticket electeds and candidates were telling traditional big-money donors to give to the candidates and NOT to the Party. And that was with David Young as the NCDP Chair - not David Parker.

I am sure that was done so that more of the money would wash through consultants hands, rather than go through the Party for Coordinated Campaign and GOTV efforts.

But then again, even those people who still gave money to the NCDP in 2010 could not help but be turned off from doing so in 2012 by the largely clueless Coordinated Campaign effort in 2010. So why did they CC work in 2008 for the NCDP and many county Parties but not work in 2010? Could it be the the dismantling of the Partybuilding starting in June 2008 by the Obama Campaign, and the enormous amount of control that Obama/Organization/Obama For America insists on having with the Democratic Party from the DNC on down to the counties?

Can anyone show me ANY section of the DNC By-Laws which allow anyone but the DNC Chair to run the show? Can anyone show me where the President or his staff has any vote on the DNC Chair? Yes I know that campaign will raise an enormous amount of money, but haven't we learned from the 2010 election the grave mistake of allowing one candidate's campaign to run the whole show?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

People should just skip giving money

to any big organizations, including OFA, and give instead to the county party that will GOTV. If your county party is useless, as I hear some are, give directly to the best candidate.

I've been thinking that we (BlueNC readers) should adopt one or two candidates that we really want to see elected/defeat a particular Republican and put all our efforts into doing something that will make a difference.

Any thoughts?

If your county party is useless - take it back!

In fact take any division of the Democratic Party BACK from the folks who are (not) running it, if they are useless.

That goes for your precinct, county, congressional district, state and the national Party.

Here's a few ways to see if your county Party is useless:

Does your county Party currently have a written GOTV plan that was presented to and voted on by your county Executive Committee?

Is the GOTV plan being implemented by someone with a history of activity in the Party and a record of GOTV work before stepping into or otherwise being anointed for the role?

Does your county Chair or other officers feel they have to run everything by OFA?

Good luck to you all!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

recent NCDP donation totals

2nd quarter 2012 - $2,700
1st quarter 2012 - $32,612
end of year 2011 - $19,735
mid year 2011 - $11,150
4th quarter 2010 - $27,100