Is there a Dalton campaign?

I have heard rumors that our Lt. Governor is running to replace Bev Perdue but have yet to see any concrete evidence of such. I do not watch tv, so have missed any ads or debates. I have seen his website, but three (3, three, tres, san) email contacts have yet to be answered. I even volunteered for the Dalton campaign at his website without a response of any kind. I think now, perhaps, that it's just a front; nobody is really there. I haven't even seen any ads online or heard ads on the radio for Mr. Dalton. Not a campaign sign exists in the whole of Person County so now I think this whole Dalton campaign could just be gossip or some warped rumor.

Ok, so some hyperbole in the above paragraph, but the point is that Dalton seems to be going the way of Bowles. He is staying on the interstates and running tv spots. Bowles proved that style of top down campaigning did not work, twice. Perdue actually came to Person County and we got her 9000+ votes; she even outperformed Obama. I realize I am not the be all end all of local politics, but ignoring 3 offers of help from a former county chair, SEC member and still involved activist seems rather silly. Even if I were not any of those things, ignoring any assistance when you are down by a wide margin with a month to go is just inexcuseable. That is not how winning campaigns operate.

So if there are any Dalton folks out there, hit reply. I am still more than willing to lend you a hand and bring some visibility to your campaign up here in Person County.


My perception is of a stronger Lt Governor campaign

That's not to say anything bad about the gubernatorial race, but I do feel like I've seen a stronger campaign for Lt. Governor. I feel like I get more event invites, e-mails, and facebook messages from the Coleman campaign than I do from anyone besides the President's re-election campaign. Just today I even got an invite to a Greenville event for the Coleman campaign. The polling seems to show it's a close race too:
"The margin of error for the survey is +/-3.1%"

Linda Coleman................................................ 41%
Dan Forest ...................................................... 39%
"Margin of Sampling Error: +/-4.2%"

. In the election for Lieutenant Governor, Republican Dan Forest edges Democrat Linda Coleman 46% to 43% today
"margin of error of plus-minus 4 percent."

39% Total Forest
43% Total Coleman

I haven't seen a lot of polls for this race, but for the 3 I have seen they are all within the margin of error with neither candidate consistently in the lead. I think that's a place where activism could help make the difference for winning a meaningful progressive voice in our state government. I don't know if the campaign there would be any more responsive, but here's the campaign website which has a volunteer button on the right if you want to give it a try:

Thank you for the input on the Lt. Gov. race.

Actually, sad to say, the Coleman campaign has the same visibility in Person County as the Dalton campaign, none.

So I'll gladly extend my offer of assistance to the Coleman campaign as well ... we could use some signs, handouts, a visit ... anything would be an improvement over the vacuum that exists now.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Sure thing

No idea if they'll be more responsive or not, but if you filled out the volunteer thing, hopefully they'll get back to you.

I was clicking through her facebook groups photos & website and saw some from a variety of areas:

Guilford County:


Mecklenburg County:

Women for Coleman:


With Sam from the young dems


McDowell County:

Wake County:

Pitt County:

From Alamance County:

Granted with 100 counties, there are more counties not pictured than pictured, but I'm happy to see evidence of a campaign that does seem to be reaching out.

That is what I did - ordered from

Demstore. I only got a few Dalton signs, but at least we will have our early voting sites covered. Still now response from the Dalton campaign.

And I did fill in the volunteer sign up form. I am a teacher as well. very disappointing.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

No, there isn't. The Dalton campaign is officially a myth

At least here in Person County anyways. Even the online store from which I ordered signs 3 weeks ago just told me that they are no longer selling for Dalton. They couldn't fill an order from 3 weeks ago!?!?

To be honest I have seen Dalton signs in Durham and Orange counties, but still zero in Person, and it looks like it will stay that way through the election. We have signs for the council of state candidates, so why no Dalton!?!? Signs are not just about name recognition; they are also about viability and enthusiasm.

I had hoped for better.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

So I guess a little follow up is in order

I actually got my signs, but they were purchased from an online merchant. Bottom line is that I still have seen no sign of life from the Dalton campaign other than some facebook posts and a few signs in Durham and Orange Counties. No response yet to my repeated inquiries via the website, and signing up to volunteer made no difference.

Moribund is the word that comes to mind.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?