There's no such thing as a "good government Republican" anymore

Given past transgressions by some Democrats, the appeal of Republican reformers was understandable. "Send us to Raleigh and we'll work for democracy and freedom, and we'll be accountable every step of the way." It was a seductive promise, except it turned out to be bullshit.

We've seen more backroom dealing, more legislative shenanigans, more attempts to block public oversight, more schemes to divert tax dollars to private profit, and more unvarnished subversion of voting rights than at any time in recent history.

Putting an end to this Republican reign of terror is Job One, and it's going to be tough. We'll claw back seats this year, hopefully enough to put a dent in the GOP's super-majority. We'll win back the governor's mansion in 2016, bringing to a close the hapless career of Duke McCrory. And we'll implement non-partisan redistricting in 2020, which will forever level the playing field for state elections.

But in the meantime, there are a couple of races that matter enormously in 2014, and one of them is the race for North Carolina Supreme Court. I'm supporting and voting for Robin Hudson, and I hope you will too. With Art Pope continuing his multi-million dollar shopping spree, we simply must come together to blunt the effect of his spending.


I second that emotion

It might be wise to let people know they're now going to have to vote for Robin Hudson twice to get her in that seat. I'm assuming the Primary ballot is going to be a "you may vote for two" thingie, and the November ballot will be a choice between the two winners of the Primary? Somewhat confusing. Or very confusing, if you have a stunted brain like mine. ;)

Sample ballots are available on-line

No need to wonder when you can verify!

All ballots are available on-line at
but it might be easier to look up your registration ( and then click on the sample ballot link there.

The contest in question is a non-partisan office and you may vote for one. As it is "non-partisan" the party of the candidate is not indicated. The voter is responsible for researching before voting.

Vote for Robin Hudson on May 6

On all primary ballots, there will be three names for NC Supreme Court.

You may only vote for one.

Vote for Robin Hudson on May 6.

Everyone statewide can vote in this race.

Spread the word.


Most voters struggle

I am like most voters in that I struggle with who is the "right" candidate to vote for each election period. Many I don't even know especially in some of the down-ticket races and so I just vote the party line. I would bet most people do that with the exception of the races that are non-partisan and in those, I just check the block of someone where I've seen their name. Not the best thing to do, for sure, but it's just honesty on my part.

What makes for a "good" politician? I mean, really James. A good politician "says" the right things for progressives to believe and so they should be voted for? A good politician "says" the right things for a conservative and that's who they should be voted for?

There just just has to be more things than that. I mean, how many people have you and so many others voted for that have gone against what they SAID they were going to do and how they SAID they believed?

When do we vote OUT those that say one thing and do another? Just being a "D" should not be why we vote for someone. Same for "R's". When, oh when, will the American voting populace hold those we support in elections responsible for how they act when they get into office?

It's a fair question and it's also a non-partisan question. If I am a liberal/progressive democrat, do I just check his/her box simply because there is a "D" next to the name? Same question for republicans. We voters are JUST as responsible for our weak politicians as the politicians themselves.

It's not complicated

The Democratic Party looks far more like America than the Republican Party does. So when it comes to representing all people: men, women, children, minorities, rich, poor, gays, whatever, it's usually the case that a candidate who is a Democrat has a broader and more informed perspective about what kinds of policies will best serve the most people. It's not always the case, but it usually is.

Republicans, for their part, consistently advocate two despicable policies: (1) they cut taxes on wealthy people and (2) they screw with women. And since they always pursue these policies with a pack mentality of party discipline, there is never any justification for voting for someone who proudly claims Republican Party membership.

Not being a progressive Democrat, you have probably rationalized your support for Republican candidates by saying that we need a change, taxes are too high, blah, blah, blah. Well, you got a change alright: you're now picking up the tab for the top 10%, job losses are in record territory, teachers are in full retreat, your tax dollars are being converted to private profit, and more of the the women in our lives are living in fear and poverty.

Simply put, Republicans suck. They don't represent the America that I see, and they never will.

Save your soul-searching

Save you soul-searching for your Primary voting. When it comes to the General Election, one Party, one Belief, one way of life, Good vs. Evil is on the line! This Democracy is based on one set of beliefs struggling with the opposite set of beliefs. It has been this way since this nation was founded. No matter how much you or anyone wishes we could all just get along and agree on what is best for our society it just is not going to happen! We are humans and our very nature is to compete for what we believe is right. This is not a bad thing. This is what propels the human race forward. This is the reason that progressive/liberal thoughts and values will always win out over the forces of conservatism and darkness. History always shows that Good (liberal) triumphs over Evil (conservatism) and mankind advances! We may have temporary setbacks but we always win out in the end. Now is the time for all good people that believe in this democracy to step up and not only Vote Democratic this November but tell you family, friends and everyone you come in contact with. There is nothing to debate or mull over. The choice is clear! Even the worst Democrat is better than any republican win. If you don't like your choice, get off your butt and find another Democrat to run in the next Primary! The stakes are too high for any doubt in the voting booth. The is NOTHING wrong and evil about being Partisan when it comes to saving this state and nation!

The redistricting is key

After decades of whining and moaning (largely justifiably) about the Dems' gerrymandering, the GOP took it to a new level and gerrymandered our brains out.

Until that is fixed, most other things can't/won't be fixed -- both at the state and national levels.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Think local first

Redistricting has to happen before there can be a significant change in direction. The way to start having an impact is to concentrate first on local elections - town and city councils, sheriffs, etc. - and build from the ground up.

Let's face it, Pope started developing records for his hand-picked candidates and administrators by looking at people who had served locally, then backing them for state-level offices. Look at Tony Tata, who he pushed for an administrative job with the Raleigh school system and then set him up to work for McCrory heading the Department of Transportation.

Good Goverment Repubs Nazi's?

There's no such thing as a "good government Republican" anymore*James

That is like saying that are good Ukraine Nazi's and bad Ukraine Nazis but in the end they will genoide you like Art Pope plans to do with this State...