Thinking on the left

You don't have to spend much time reading online comments about political news stories to understand a fundamental difference between the far left and the far right in North Carolina politics.

The pattern goes like this:

In response to news about Republican sleaze, citizen observers from the far right get their indignant feathers ruffled and quickly complain, "But the Democrats did it too." Unable or unwilling to confront their own party's corruption, these observers dig in their heels, affirming beliefs that (1) two wrongs make a right, or more likely (2) it's okay if you're a Republican. From Thom Tillis, who is starting to make Jim Black look like a choir boy, to the army of "experts" trolling the internets for Art Pope, the pattern of complicity is clear. Republican loyalists hold their noses, cover their eyes, and swallow all the right-wing corruption that comes their way.

In response to news about lapses by Democrats, of which there are far too many, those on the far left are generally quick and furious in their criticism. Whether it's backroom dealings or fundraising scams, the progressive left will never provide the kind of cover that Tea Party Republicans get from their mindless followers.

For example, the line between the corrupt Civitas organization and the corrupt Republican party in North Carolina is all but invisible. They scratch each others' backs, playing whatever electioneering games they can get away with, backed by a gaggle of unscrupulous lawyers.

The North Carolina Democratic Party, on the other hand, knows that progressive organizations like the NC Justice Center cannot be counted on to stand silent in the face of political transgressions. Perhaps that's why the Democratic party establishment in North Carolina gives BlueNC such a wide berth.


Not just in North Carolina

The pattern is national for sure. Red State loyalists cover Republican sleaze at every turn ... starting, in my view, when they first overlooked how chickenhawk George W. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard. Having done a deal with the devil to get their guy in the White House, the continued to cover for his lies and deceptions. Only a small fringe of Ron Paul libertarian Republicans ever called Bush out for his illegal invasion of Iraq.

To understand the difference, just look at the well-deserved criticism on Obama from the mainstream progressive community.

The difference is real.

Silent majority

Perhaps that's why the Democratic party establishment in North Carolina gives BlueNC such a wide berth.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say the vast majority of NCDP officers/organizers/elected officials are just as disgusted with those in the Party who engage in questionable practices as we are.

Their silence is likely due to the fear of being ostracized by the powerful, and losing whatever gains they've made. And that's a shame.