Thom Tillis the joke

I was getting ready to write about Thom Tillis' ridiculous response to Kay Hagan on the subject of campaign debates. Fortunately, Thomas Mills beat me to it at Politics NC.

Last week, Kay Hagan responded to an offer by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters to host a debate by accepting their proposal and urging Thom Tillis to do so, too. In her letter, she encouraged Tillis and his campaign to agree to a debate schedule “worthy of the people of our great state.”

So what did Tillis do? He called for ten debates. That’s right – ten. What an ass. Hagan made a decent proposal and he fires back with sophomoric one-upmanship.

Mills' post is called "Delusions of Grandeur," the perfect descriptor for Thom Tillis. Driven by a massive inferiority complex, Tillis has spent a lifetime trying to prove he's a big player with a bigger penis. God help us if this jerk ends up in Congress.

The longer Thom Tillis is a candidate, the less of one he’s turning out to be. Tillis seems to care far more about the game of politics than the goals of politics. He puts out silly tweets making childish comments about his opponent’s campaign and now he’s suggesting the state is engrossed enough in this race to want ten debates. If it weren’t politics, he would be diagnosed as having delusions of grandeur.

We need fewer people in Washington like Thom Tillis, not more. To Tillis, politics is an end in itself. He’s all about Thom and his career. He’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with politics. Everything’s got an angle and he’s always trying to score points. Just what we don’t need.

Well said, Mr. Mills.


Tillis hasn't engaged in ten debates

in the whole time he's been in the Legislature. He's been hiding behind that big-ass gavel of his and bending the rules wherever he feels like it to stifle debate.

He just wants a (free) forum where he can insert "Obamacare!" into every subject, be it education or economic growth or national defense.

Thanks, James

Thanks, James

I've been trying...

... to figure this one out.

Why would anyone running for office ask for ten debates?

We don't even have this many debates with the two Presidential candidates. Heck, I don't even think the Republicans had that many debates during the primaries, even though it seemed like one was on tv every other day all year.

The only thing I can figure is that Hagan will counter with a sensible one or two debates and Tillis will complain that Hagan doesn't want to debate him.

Call his bluff...

...agree to his 10 debates if he agrees to your venues....


Tillis was excoriated by his primary opponents for skipping most of the debates. Now he wants Kay to participate in ten. What an ass indeed.

Especially when Kay will mop the floor with him.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014