Thom Tillis stumbles out of the blocks on MSNBC, can't answer one simple question

Tillis' long and ugly record of discriminating against hundreds of thousands of people who need is, simply put, indefensible. I don't envy the guy.


This is going to be fun

Tillis is complaining about Hagan attacking him for his record in the General Assembly ... while he's attacking her! It's understandable. If I had his record in the General Assembly, I'd be wanting to change the subject too.

The teacher crisis alone is a big enough albatross to sink Thom Tillis.

Add in the catastrophic budget shortfall, Amendment One, and raising taxes on 80% of North Carolinians and you have everything you need to know about the guy.

Not an empty suit, though

That suit is full of horseshit, bursting at the seams.

Two nuts down, one to go

His (Tillis) interview with Todd looked sophomoric or as the Urban Dictionary says, sophmoric.