Thursday News: A Day Without Immigrants

SOME BUSINESSES CLOSE FOR ‘DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS’(Raleigh News & Observer) -- The three Compare Foods grocery stores in Durham will close their doors on Thursday as part of “A Day Without Immigrants,” a movement that has grown out of a reaction to a recent uptick in deportations and raids by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “A Day Without Immigrants” calls for Hispanics and their supporters to boycott stores, avoid restaurants and not send their children to schools on Thursday. A rally is also planned for Moore Square in downtown Raleigh at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, according to Que Pasa.

PARSING THE BABBLE OF HB-2: TIME FOR A CLEAN REPEAL (Huffington Post column) -- If Republicans in North Carolina’s general assembly don’t permit repeal of HB-2 in the very near future, North Carolina could lose six more years of NCAA events. That would be disastrous, and North Carolina Republican legislators will have to own that disaster if they don’t permit a fast repeal of HB-2. Owning that disaster will likely hurt such legislators even with their socially-conservative base as that base learns more of the truth about HB-2. As the truth gets out, it’s hard to see how even the most extreme gerrymandering can keep the authors of HB-2 in office especially as the State continues to suffer one economic blow after another.

PRESSURE ON SEN. BURR’S COMMITTEE TO DELIVER ON RUSSIA INQUIRY (New York Times) -- It does most of its work in secret, can be highly partisan and its members consider it a thankless job with few political benefits. But the Senate Intelligence Committee is suddenly central to a capital increasingly rattled by Trump administration turmoil. … Senator Richard M. Burr, the North Carolina Republican who leads the committee, last month indicated some reluctance about pursuing contacts between the Trump team and Russia before he and Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, who has taken over the top Democratic spot on the panel, one day later issued a letter saying the committee would seek to “have a full understanding of the scope of Russian intelligence activities impacting the United States.” The clear sense on Capitol Hill was that Mr. Warner had dragged his Republican colleague into accepting an aggressive inquiry.

IS THERE REWARD AT END OF DEMOCRATS' LONG SLOG? (Roll Call column) -- The HKonJ protest this past weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina, may have been the largest such event, but it wasn’t the first time that thousands, with causes as diverse as the citizen-marchers themselves, showed up. For 11 years, with messages for both Republicans and Democrats, the faithful gathering at Historic Thousands on Jones Street have persisted. There is a lesson for the dissatisfied, new to activism, who are now crowding town halls and filling the streets: Victories may never come, or may be incremental, at best. Each goal accomplished could be followed by a setback. Are the protesters of 2017 in it for the long haul?

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Of my 105 students about 40

Of my 105 students about 40 were out today. It was a combination of an awful crude that has students and staff dropping like flies and the day without immigrants. Almost all of my hispanic students were absent.

I'm a moderate Democrat.