Tillis admits voter fraud only a perceived problem

Draconian measures for imaginary threats:

"We call this restoring confidence in government," Tillis said. "There are a lot of people who are just concerned with the potential risk of fraud." He added a voter ID law "would make nearly three-quarters of the population more comfortable and more confident when they go to the polls."

I dispute those numbers but, even if they are true, where do you think that public perception came from? Several years of propaganda-laced electioneering by fear-mongering Republicans, who don't have the capacity to fix real problems so they
manufacture strawmen to bring down. And like most propagandists of totalitarian regimes, Tillis tries to convince those he's hurting that he's actually helping them:

Instead, Tillis suggested, the proposal might actually help voters who currently have no ID.

"There are a lot of people – young people and elders – who do not have IDs, and this measure provides broad access to IDs at no cost," he said.

Bolding mine. It's not just about forking over cash for an ID. The fact they don't have a driver's license tells you they don't drive. It's one of the reasons we have so many voting precincts, so that citizens don't have to travel great distances to exercise their right to vote.

If this unnecessary bill becomes law, they'll have to chase down (and pay for, in most cases) a copy of their birth certificate (if it exists, and if they can secure one without an ID), then they'll have to ask somebody to take them to the DMV, and hope that person is willing to wait a few hours (if said driver works, that's another problem).

These are hurdles. They may be hurdles that a big chunk of the population doesn't have to deal with (thus, the polling numbers), but they are hurdles, nonetheless.

Voting shouldn't require hurdles. Anybody who believes it should simply cannot (truly) believe in a representative government.



Tillis is a pathological liar.

Even the GOP is calling these laws 'Jim Crow' laws

I was encouraged to hear the GOP leaders use the phrase 'Jim Crow' laws several times during this news conference. It is true they were denying that these laws were the new 'Jim Crow' but they used the term repeatedly during their denial, so they have now gotten the message that their ideas are being perceived for what they truly are, voter disenfranchisement.

We must continue to point out the expense and difficulty of obtaining documents detailing name changes as well as original certified birth certificates. These constitute a catch 22 and a poll tax. We must continue to educate voters effected that they must start the process early if the Voter IC Photo ID law goes through. Waiting for early voting will be too late. If we want all probable Democrats to be able to vote, we must keep this a top activity going into the new election cycle. -E. J. Smith

voting rights

The GOP considers owning a gun a right,but voting is an entitlement.

David Esmay

Constitutionally speaking.....

They (and you) are half right. The Second Amendment indeed does establish the right to bear arms, but the fact that a 19th Amendment was necessary to grant the right to vote to a specific block of people, thereby implies that voting is a not so much an entitlement, but a privilege.

A right, not a privilege

The 19th Amendment wasn't written to make women a special class of citizens, it was written to make sure they aren't, at least as far as the right to vote is concerned.

The 24th Amendment speaks to this

With regard to the Voter ID issue, the 24th constitutional Amendment says specifically that voting rights cannot be denied: "By reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax".

So, the GOP would have a difficult time defending voting as an entitlement when it is specifically referred to in the Constitution as a right.

In addition, there is no doubt that having to purchase or otherwise obtain a photo ID is a poll tax.

I know that Indiana has had some form of Voter ID upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, but unsure what kind of ID it covers. More reason to hope for a conservative justice to retire so that Obama can appoint a more moderate-to-progressive person.

Good politics for the GOP

I think passing the voter-id bill is good politics by the GOP. Last poll I saw from WRAL indicated that voter-id has support in North Carolina. So the Republicans get it passed. Then the Democrats could run against voter-id. But the Republicans would be saying, "See, the Democrats want to repeal voter-id. They are going to bus in thousands and thousands of illegals to sway the vote. I know a man who is driving one of the buses for them. He says the illegals get paid big money to come here and vote. It is an outrage. Are we going to let them ruin our country?" I think voter-id will be a rallying cry for the right. Even more if the Supreme Court strikes it down. Then the right would run against the "courts who are ruining the country." But who knows? Maybe the GOP will back off?

Yeah, but all it's going to take

is one little old (white) lady turned away at the voting booth, interviewed on the nightly news, and sentiments will change. If you remember back when the Serbs were sniping people in the streets of Srebrenica, folks here didn't pay that much attention to it, mainly (imo) because it was Muslims being killed. But when videos and photos of blonde-haired, blue-eyed women and children lying in puddles of blood hit the airwaves, all of a sudden it was an outrage.

It's a shame, but sometimes we don't feel something until someone that looks like us gets hurt.

Bad politics and poll taxes

The GOP voter ID obsession has one main goal, eliminate voters who don't vote for them. Any other claim is an out right lie. They are banking on the SCOTUS striking Sec. 5 from the VRA. If they up hold it, no ID law will pass muster. This whole charade is going to cost NC millions. Millions to issue free ID's if it goes through and millions in legal challenges. The GOP is ruled by an ideological ignoranti, that's why they may not exist in ten years.

David Esmay

I'm glad you spoke to this point.

It's a waste of taxpayer money to make this disingenuous law. Waste, waste, waste.
When are people going to hold them accountable for the WASTE!
The same is going on with aggressive abortion rollbacks, even where the Governor of Arkansas(R) vetoed it, the legislature over-rid it despite the fact that they know it will be struck down. Waste.

WRAL poll

I wouldn't put much stock in a TV poll. I don't know anyone who sees a need for such a law, and many such laws were shot down under scrutiny just last year.

Besides, the GOP doesn't need "good politics"; they got the only thing they needed-- gerrymandering-- in 2010. The loss of Wake county due to redistricting is the only reason we flipped back to a red state, sadly, this past election. And I'm not sure it is "good politics". Screwing students works for them, but making it tougher, potentially, for aged bigots to vote might not help them.

We obviously do not know the same people

I know plenty of people who say, "If you have nothing to hide why not show a photo-id? You don't mind showing it everywhere else."

I still think it will be easier to get voter-id passed than it will be to get it repealed. Repealing voter-id will get much more attention than passing it.

I can hear the campaign speeches now. "We need voter-id! My brother-in-law owns a construction company and he says he has to close the week of the elections. He told me that each one of his "under the table" workers got $50 every time they voted. They are hauled from polling place to polling place. He told me that some of the guys made $600 cash in one day's time. He said they were so flush with cash after voting they would not come to work for the whole week. So he has to close that week. We are losing our country. How can this be happening? We must have voter-id!"

It is just good ol' fashion politics! Sure it is all lies but it would sound good on the stump.

you are making these stories up, right?

Just to be clear, this is a projection of your imagination, right? I'm not saying you're wrong if that's the case, i just want to be clear. Thanks.


Of course I am making the stories up. But in politics all kinds of stories get made up and some, especially those looking to believe, take them hook, line and sinker. I do know quit a few stories that are true as well but they are harder to believe than the made-up ones.


I own a gun and a vehicle...do you think Tillis would perceive me as a bank robber?

Only if you are also a Lawyer

Mr. Tillis considers anyone with a gun a patriot.