Tillis "conservationist" appointee tries to scam NC property owner

And gets called out in a public forum:

"He pretended he was lost, and he said, 'Hey, you know, I have land around here. I've always wondered what was back here,'" she said. "Through the course of the conversation, he got to the point, which was he wanted to lease our property through his company."

Okay, aside from the fact that someone who stands to make a direct profit from fracking shouldn't be sitting on the board that will regulate such, and aside from the fact that said person should not be occupying a seat set aside for a conservationist, if this man is willing to misrepresent himself to his neighbors, how can he be trusted with the health and well-being of thousands of people with which he has no connection? The answer is, he can't. Especially when he lies to cover up said behavior:

Johnson called him out about the encounter at a public hearing on drilling that the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources held in Chapel Hill in March.

"He first tried to deny it, and so I just kept saying, 'No, it was you. You were there. I have your card. I know it was you,'" she said.

Covington said in an email to WRAL News that he didn't realize he was on private property when he met Johnson and called the incident a "misunderstanding." He said he was just trying to warn Johnson about unscrupulous agents who might offer her a mineral rights contract that gave her "essentially no protections."

I think at least one "unscrupulous agent" has already been exposed here.


Liars every one

Just the kind of guy Thom Tillis wants on his "screw the people" team.

Somebody ought to frack this son of a bitch.

Even the whacko commenters at WRAL think the guy

is a scumbag and should be fired.

Plus, don't you love the way Tillis is already trying to pass the buck to someone else who recommended Johnson?

The whole bunch belongs in jail.

And they didn't just lie to us

By selecting this guy after the Veto override, the Republican leadership effectively lied to members of their own Party about how the bill would be implemented.

Not that anybody will force them to pay for such deception. Which will guarantee that said deception will continue unabated.