Tillis MIA too

Richard Burr is rightfully getting skewered for allowing our democracy to be held ransom to Russian oligarchs, but don't forget there's another senator supposedly representing North Carolina, Thom Tillis. Though a lightweight in his first term, Tillis is nonetheless a United States Senator, and as such, has enormous power should he choose to exercise it. Unfortunately for those who smell the putrid stench coming out of the White House, Tillis has joined the know-nothing crowd.

When he's not out in a bulletproof vest doing border patrol photo ops for ICE, Senator Tillis has his staff writing lots of fancy baloney for public consumption.

"Senator Tillis has been outspoken in calling for his Democratic and Republican colleagues to ignore the most extreme voices on both sides of the ideological spectrum in order to work together and produce bipartisan results. Senator Tillis is working across the aisle to address a number of major issues facing the country, including overhauling the VA to provide better care for our veterans, pursuing bipartisan immigration reform, and reforming our nation’s criminal justice system.”

Have you seen Tillis working across the aisle on lots of major issues facing the country? Can't say I have, but what the heck. Maybe he's doing it in secret. Then again, it's hard to imagine anything more "major" than the wholesale takeover of our democracy by the Russian government.

I've never met Tillis, but I've heard he's supposed to be a pretty smart guy. He was a big-time consultant before he got a cushy government job, so he must know a thing or two about how the world works. Which makes it all the more remarkable that he's been all but silent on Trumpgate. Even worse, he lauded Jeff Sessions as a nominee for Attorney General, and then refused to condemn Sessions' undeniable perjury during confirmation.

From what I can see, Tillis is taking his cues from the biggest slacker in the Senate. "Be Like Burr" is his motto, and it's a sure thing he won't stand for anything of any significance. Both men will continue playing with matches until the whole damn government is on fire. Which is exactly what they want.



Two totally stuffed suits for North Carolina

I claim taxation without representation. Who else can do so little on the job and not face getting fired? I blame YOU NC voters with saddling us with these sad execuses for Senators for six years each time.

It's very frustrating

Burr's biggest accomplishment (by far) in his many years in Congress is to construct and manage one of the biggest pipelines of corporate cash flowing into Washington. And if you were to poll all those damn fools who voted for him and ask about that type of money, probably 90% would say they're against it. But they keep sending him back, and he keeps expanding that pipeline.