Tim Moore's moment of truth

Tim Moore was on Facebook this weekend, crying crocodile tears about the violence in Charlottesville. He apparently couldn't come up with his own words of condemnation, so he ripped off Thom Tillis: The hate, bigotry and violence on display in #Charlottesville is despicable and represents the complete opposite of what America stands for.

As we all know by now, one person was killed in Charlottesville, the victim of a Nazi driving a car into a crowd of protesters.

It might be tempting to take Speaker Moore's plagiarism at face value. But in light of HB 330, I can't go there. Moore's House of Representatives in Raleigh is just fine with motorists who kill protesters.

It's a sad and fucked up world we're living in, made worse by Republicans, for whom the only sacred life is an unborn fetus.



They should ceremoniously pull that bill

out of committee and burn the damn thing, before the rest of the country gets wind of it. North Carolina has already been embarrassed enough by the GOP's ass-backwards approach to governing, and this one has the potential for a full-on shit-show in the media. Might do us good, though, if enough of NC's voters get tired of being ridiculed for their choices.

Enough of NC's voters

I'm not optimistic.

You know I've long advocated the "give them more rope" approach, things have to get horribly bad before people notice. But I think I'm changing my mind. A big chunk of the right wing wants things to devolve into anarchy, and they got their boys in the White House. And in the State house too.

History won't be kind when it recalls how the decline and fall of America happened.