Tipping point

It seems to me that we have moved in the past day to the brink of irreversible disaster. GOP grifters are bellying up to the bar, while the the billions of people worldwide who will suffer from their actions watch helplessly from the outside. Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, a small and stupid act of greed, are the tipping point. They are already triggering aun unstoppable trade war, which the US will most assuredly lose. Our agricultural products will fall from favor with foreign buyers overnight in retaliation. Our farmers will go bankrupt in record numbers. And soon there will be rioting in the streets by the very people who voted for the shit storm to happen in the first place.

You and I are helpless to stop this from happening. The people who can do something won't. Our Congressional delegation. Our two pathetic Senators. The clowns controlling our Legislature. They are all partying while the wheels come off, blindly ignorant about the consequences of their choices. By the time we get to November, our state and our country will be nothing but a charred hulk of ruin. As has always been the case, Democrats will have to clean up the Republican mess. It won't be pretty.

This is the nature of tipping points. This is the price we pay for our collective failure to act with decency and integrity.



Debbie Downer

I am sorry to say I have had a premonition about all this. I hope against hope that I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

It's hard to think that one asshole like Trump could trigger this kind of collapse, but history is filled with examples of just that happening.