Tonight on BlueNC Radio: Sam Spencer, NC Farm Team

With the electoral outlook in the NC Senate sketchier than ever, it's clear that whatever small faith progressives have in Democratic Party leadership has been wildly misplaced. Incumbents are bailing in droves, with as many as ten seats in play - in a year where redistricting will be the next new thing. That's why we've invited Sam Spencer, founder of NC Farm Team, to join us tonight on BlueNC Radio. The Farm Team is all about the long war, identifying and cultivating young progressives who can lead a new generation of progress here in North Carolina. For background information, here's a listing of all the coverage of the Farm Team at BlueNC.

Update: Here's the show!


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Thank you, Sam

I'll have a link to the recorded show posted shortly ... archived forever!

Much appreciated.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Thanks for the opportunity, happy to have the chance to "sit down" and talk shop.

Call me when we get the TV cameras and have an "NC Spun" panel. ;-)

Informative stuff from Sam

Best show to date, in my view...not to downgrade previous radio presentations. Sam was just so straight-up about our prospects and how the "politics" of things are happening in NC.

Loved it, James. Ya did a great job as host and your guest was super for us that follow such things. It is getting better and better.

Great episode!

Just finished listening, much enjoyed. I'm glad that NC Farm Team seems to be off to such a strong start.

Farm Team Endorsee Taking The Ball And Running

Hi y'all,

I thought I'd drop a quick note to say thanks to Sam Spencer and the NC Farm Team. They helped my Asheville City Council campaign just when I needed it most. Now, just a few short months later, I'm getting to do good work like this:

Councilman Gordon Smith is asking the council to move forward with the idea of giving same-sex domestic partners health insurance, bereavement leave and other benefits.

If a majority votes yes, city staff would come back to the council at a later date with information including estimated costs and who would qualify. A final vote on the measure could then follow.

Granting the benefits would “provide equal rights to our employees who are denied the option to marry,” Smith said.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Commitment to Equality

A commitment to equality is one of the values GFTPAC values most, and Gordon's personal commitment to equality was one of many motivating factors behind our support.

I think the people of Asheville will be looking forward to four years of great work from Gordon!